about Vancouver

by oBelIX

The good thing about Vancouver is that it is just around the river bend. Us people from India do not get the whole “Canada” thing that goes on around here. Evidently, there are many jokes about Canada. Anyway, having been there a few times now, and not having anything urgent to do I thought to myself, lets talk about Vancouver with the few dozen people who read this blog.

getting a visa

If you’re Indian, and you’ve applied for a visa to any country in India you know what a pain the whole process can be. There are forms to be filled, documents to be collected, lines to be stood in and the distrustful scrutiny of the embassy officials to be tolerated.

On the other hand, if you are here in Seattle, and you want to pop over to Vancouver then getting a visa is painless and easy. All you need are:

  1. Photographs – feel free to ignore the whole “the photo must conform to these specifications – as long as it looks kind of like you you’re golden”
  2. The application form – simple, straightforward, be honest and don’t sweat it. They aren’t going to verify everything you put on there anyway.
  3. Money – take cash. Cash only. No credit/debit cards
  4. Proof of employment – something that shows where you work

The deal is you go there between 8-10AM on any working day. Enter, pick a number, submit your documents and pay the fee. Go the next day at 10-something and pick up the passport stamped with the visa.

That is all. It is quick, simple, painless.

edit: the candian embassy no longer accepts cash. bank draft/cashier cheque etc only. (via @rahulpm)