drawing poems – I

by oBelIX

There isn’t much to this post. There was a poem that needed rendering … Poem below. Rendered far below.

A nasty night
cold and clear
gloomy and raw
filled with fear

the sunflower ensconed
in its petals like a bun
it yearned and longed
for the morning sun

a whiff before dawn
the sparrow awoke
hungry hungry hungry
like a ravenous bloke

as the warmth spread
from shoot to root
a smile unfurled in yellow
dawn rendered dark moot

he flew in a baritone
that was a note too mellow
he flew far across the brown fields
till he saw a spot of yellow

he swooped down
and slowed to a glide
behind his weathered eyes
a happy smile did hide

the nectar he suckled
was warm indeed
to a feather did stick
a plucky seed

he flew again; glad
a gust of wind
the seed dislodged
and found itself on the nose of vlad

vlad walked home
in a gallop and a trot
stopping for a quick leak
next to the flower pot

weeks passed
and a stalk emerged bold
the non-being vanished
lo, behold!

somehow, unknown to us
some unchanging constant
always completes
that degenerate ellipse of life