Olympic National Park–the ferry crossing

by oBelIX

Dawn broke slowly. It started off as a wafer thin stripe of yellow sandwiched between the Cascades and the morning twilight sky. The wind battered their jackets in fury  asking them why they dared cross the narrow strait. His open overcoat offered scant protection, billowing furiously, wanting to take him away. He grabbed on in desperation, turning his back to the wind and away from the spectacle unfolding. Minutes passed. The yellow tinge spread further. A seagull, stationary atop the ferry took flight with a squawk. His friend turned the camera a moment too late; another missed opportunity; and cursed silently. The jacket was buttoned up now, under control. He turned to see sun peek out shyly over the horizon. The first morning rays left a golden hue as they reflected off the water. The wind paused for a moment.



Photo credits: Jay