by oBelIX

Portland is a weird place. I wrote about it once before – here. I maintain my previous position on Portland

Portland is interesting. And quirky. And Weird.

Anyway, heading down south into Oregon for no reason other to eat seems like a fairly decent idea in the late late hours of a drunken Friday. Photo credits: the good ones go to the urja, the sucky ones are from my windows phone.

WARNING: The remainder of this post consists of many poor puns.


The Tacoma Dome at Tacoma. It’s just ugly. It’s so ugly that I can’t even make a pun about it’s ugliness.



That is a pink cadillac. It’s rather obvious why the owner went in for tinted windows. I wouldn’t be caught dead driving one of those. Apparently, there’s a ladies-apparel-makeup-fashion company called Mina Kay (or Marie Kay or Michael Kay – the name is not important) where high performing employees get a Pink Cadillac as bonus. Appalling.



Entering Portland. I take full credit for the utter stench of this photo but it is customary to add a photo of this bridge. PRO-TIP for budding amateur photographers: Make sure your finger does not cover the lens





Bombay Chaat. The best chaat in the Pacific Northwest. (Anyone who says Mayuri has good chaat in front of me will be roasted, skewered and then served as flambe). From above – gol-gappas, bhelpuri and chole bhature.



Un logon ke liye jinhe pata nahin hai, yaan jo pardes main reh ke bhool chuke hain … “gol-gappe khana for dummies”



This is just out there. On the streets. For anyone to see, touch, fondle, oscillate from side to side. It flows when the wind blows.



A close up. With a better camera.



This is just a good photo. The sky looks calming and menacing at the same time.



The entrance to a book store that spans a city block. It’s very booky. Plus it has the Mahabhart on it.



Have you played S’Quarrels yet? If no, STOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW. BUY. PLAY. IT IS FUN. DO IT. DO IT NOW.



Challenge Accepted. That was a lot of whipped cream.



Voodoo donuts. They have a licence plate sticker – “I got VD in Portland.”



Obligatory! Rava dosa. Chennai Masala. Very nice. The chutney is full of spice. Yum Yum. etc etc.



Roger that. Makes sense. Keep Portland Weird.