Sushi – V

by oBelIX

this post in collaboration with Maddy D.

Dream <something> Roll


Another horrible picture. I would have thought that I’d have gotten better at it. This roll had three kinds of fish inside (you can taste the different fish itself) and another on top. I do not remember which but I suspect tuna and salmon for sure. It was also layered with a little bit of cashew which was very nice.


Lion King Roll


Appearances (and photographs) can be deceptive. This roll has a hint of spiciness but the sweetness of the crab and the creaminess of the fish on top make it melt in your mouth.


Mango Salad Roll


Crab, wrapped in lettuce and beetroot. Simple. Elegant. Healthy. The sauce (raw mango flavoured) goes really well with the roll. Oh, and each piece is rather big and kind of hard to fit in your mouth like a gentleman.