Some days-weeks-months ago yours truly along with a couple of other gentlemen embarked upon a tour of Espana. This is what happened.

If Granada is beautiful then Seville has duende.

We took the local train from Granada to Seville. It was slower than the AVE but still left on time and the journey was smooth and pleasant. In general, the trains in Spain are mainly in the plains. We plomped at the Seville train station, known as Santa Justa, the J in Justa is pronounced like the J in Junta and not the J in Juarez where the Juarez is the Juarez in Gene Juarez. Our hotel, Alcantara, was so in a road (Xiemenes de something) where there were no pedestrians allowed – infact the old part of Seville is all like that – little alleys and small cobblestone roads and cafe’s

Walking around we ate perhaps the best ice-cream ever of which I have no photo which in itself is very surprising. We then walked over to Seville’s main cathedral and roamed around in it – it is also awe-inspiring etc.


I think I have a thing for these stained glass windows

The cathedral also has a tower (Giralda bell tower per my journal) which you reach by climbing a set of ramps (that are more fun going down than they are going up) followed by 17 steps at the very end. It is remarkable that I remember that and usually here I would on most occasions tend to ruminate and then ramble on upon the remarkability of the ability to remember redundant information but today being not most occasions, it is infact a Wednesday I will cease and desist and hold off on this tendency which can be quite irritating.



Do climb the tower. You get nearly unobstructed views of all of Seville. And the bells are ringable – much to the surprise of other old-lady visitors.

Seville is a great place to go walkabout. Orange trees (trees that bear the fruit – orange and not trees coloured orange – for those of you who are inebriated as they read these) flank the roads with fresh oranges about to fall. There are café’s everywhere with waiters who invite you in.




fountain with two ducks


the ducks approached – very fastly fastly – in haste haste


they maneuvered past us, turning adroitly


there was a little butt-sniffing going on there – ducks do this in a competitive environment


I looked away. When I turned back there was a third duck from somewhere. I assume it teleported in.

I forget this place but remember that a heated debate about Heisenburg was put on hold at this point

WP_001932 (2)

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINBOW. Sometimes I get confused with where to put the emphasis. Perhaps it should have been RAINBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ….

Flamenco is the other thing that Seville is famous for (apart from all the artists you will find on the street selling their arts). There are no pictures and I will not bore you with the five page account of it that I have written down.

After Flamenco was spent walking around the harbour and the waterfront, stopping in at watering holes for Tapas and Beverages of a refreshmental-nature. I apologize for the quality of these, the cool night breeze made my hands shiver and hence the photos are a little blurred  …



the river and the bridges


I do not remember what this was or why this even exists but there are a series of photographs that show an attempt made to climb it for some unfathomable reason.

To sum up (or tl;dr) Seville is a place where life is composed and peaceful. I would say, get a hotel with air conditioning. Wake up in the morning. Get breakfast. Take a powernap. Get ice-cream. Afternoon siesta. Wake up at 5. Go out, watch flamenco, see the sights the sounds and the smells. Look at the artists on the street paint. Get dinner and then walk the waterfront, enjoying the cool breeze, the infinite food and drink and the people not bustling about.