Artist’s Point

by oBelIX

Now that I have your attention, let us begin.

On a cloudless sunny day, the warmest day of the year we popped over to Artists point. I have no pictures of the drive over there but suffice to say that once you get off I-5 and US-20 and onto the two lane road in the mountain you are in for a treat. Do stop at the first sign that says, “Heya, Howdy, Welcome to Mount Baker National Park” – there is a gorgeous view there. There’s also a delicious stream flowing by the road which was full of green-blue water. We did not stop though, anxious that we were to get started.

The hike itself is brilliant – Artists Point is a ridge between Mount Baker and Mount Shuskan. You see both these in their towering magnificence. The cascades form a stunning backdrop behind you. Baker lake and the Mount Baker wilderness stretches out in front.

I’ll leave the rest of the talking to the pictures:


the view from the road – the road itself is visible if you zoom in – a narrow strip of black tarmac



It’s snowy out there right now



and that is what snowshoes look like – very brilliant thingies – they distribute the weight – so you don’t sink



it is of course perfect conditions for skiing




its a long way



and while it looks beautiful


every single step makes you wonder how much farther you have to go


 its only when you look back you realize how far you’ve come


and the last bit is always the hardest …


until the moment when you reach the top and are rewarded by a close-up of Mount Baker. Baker is the volcano visible to the North-East from Seattle


that is what it looks like from the San Juan islands – Artists point, lets you get up, close and personal


there’s another peak visible, far far away in the distance


the backdrop here makes even us, with our not-so-in-shape look great (that is Table Mountain)


there’s one last stretch to climb


and then you are walking along the ridge … at the edge


Ladies and gentlemen, introducing, Mount Shuksan


with the cascades for the backdrop – the parking lot from where we came is visible in the center


and Baker Lake and the Mount Baker wilderness


as good a place as any to have Lunch, a subway (yes, I am aware it is a sandwich and I am not dining on the underground)


we had some company, sitting on the tree in the middle, shy at first


a close up – this is genuine bird-watching


and eventually he/she did show up. we provided olives, thinking natural food would be good for it. little did we realize that the olives were drenched in Chipotle sauce


and I will end with this. a view from as close as you can get to the top of the world in half a day