Getting High Sweetly

by oBelIX

Alternately titled: weed jamuns, pot jamuns, how to infuse marijuana in Indian desserts

I had a much cooler name for my last experiment where I combined different flavours and chemicals that I liked. The result, vodka and coffee, also known as Vodka+- (Copyright pending) was received with mixed reviews by the test audience (myself).

Along similar lines and after having discovered that I could actually make Gulab Jamuns that are good (they have not caused any known casualties) I decided to add a little something-something, a little oomph, a little afterburner, a little more kick to this sweet Indian delicacy. The rest of this post talks about the first ever attempt at combining an Indian sweet (a very delicious Indian sweet – one of my favourites) with a chemical that causes some very pleasant effects. This post is slightly more scientific than my previous post (though nowhere approaching the rigour that I would have liked) and used a brave and hungry classmate as the test subject.

I do not really know when I first got this idea and the experiment happened at oBelIX pace. The theory behind the idea is fairly sound. The active ingredient in weed is THC, a chemical that is poorly soluble in water but has high solubility in fat, oil. Wikipedia states:

THC has a very low solubility in water, but good solubility in most organic solvents, specifically lipids and alcohols

Based on this, and given that ghee, the binding agent for the batter that makes the jamuns is a fat, it should be possible to infuse weed in Gulab Jamuns (infact, by extension it should be possible to make weed-egg-fry and so on).


Getting Started

You will need:

  • Everything you need to make Gulab Jamuns
  • Weed

[Note: This post assumes some familiarity with how to make Gulab Jamuns]


How Long does it take to make: A couple of hours


How do I make it:

  1. Infuse a little ghee with THC
  2. Make the balls
  3. Make the syrup
  4. Fry the balls
  5. Put the balls in the syrup

For steps b, c, d, e please use a search engine of your choice or alternately this link.


Step A: Infuse a little Ghee with THC

The key step and deciding factor in your experience is how much THC you get in your ghee. The quantities below are enough to make about 10 Gulab Jamuns and get one person sweetly high. YMMV.


Finely grind the plant material

This is a rather important step. The finer you grind, the more surface area that is exposed and the more oomph that your jamuns will pack.



Melt the ghee in a pan

When melting the ghee, make sure to use the quantities that make sense for the amount of Jamuns you are going to make. The solubility of THC should not be a concern


Add the plant material to the ghee

This is where the THC is going out of the plant and into the oil


Stir for about 40 minutes

Wait and stir. It is important to use very low heat – the aim is to not set the house on fire or burn the plant material but to extract, slowly, gently. Patience is a virtue. So is soothing music. It is working well when the apartment has a certain smell to it.



Once done, the ghee should be less clear and more brown. It will also taste slightly off.


Once you have this infused ghee, proceed to make the batter as usual and everything else stays the same. Important things to note:

  • The raw balls have a slightly incorrect taste. This gets significantly reduced as the Gulab Jamuns absorb the sugar in the final step
  • Make sure the oil you fry the balls in is warm. I did the intelligent thing of putting on the incorrect stovetop and waiting for the oil to heat up



The key one: it worked. This can be corroborated by two independent observers (one was me) and the test subject in question. He was hungry enough to have all nine of these and did exhibit classic symptoms of being high such as:

  • My head feels like there is liquid in there
  • Everything is so slow
  • Etc etc etc


The taste of the Gulab Jamuns was not perfect. There is still more refinement needed. The weed infused ghee doesn’t behave the same as normal ghee and the balls don’t hold together as much.


PS1: Yes, I am a long way away from my own blog about cooking

PS2: More experiments are needed

PS3: Since THC is soluble in alcohol, pasta in the kind of sauce cooked with wine or vodka!