Bridal Veil Falls

by oBelIX

You look radiant on a gradient! –CeG <obelIX>

This is my third visit to these waterfalls. They are an hour’s drive away and provide a decent hike with a nice spot to have lunch at. We left at 9:30 in the morning and were at the trailhead at 10:30-10:45. The hike took about four hours, we went up to the bridge on the Lake Serene trail, then up to the waterfalls where we had lunch and headed back down. I messed up while using the app so I don’t have detailed metrics today K.

The hike begins on an old road for the first three tenths of a mile. There’s a little forest cover but it’s not young and green and watery, it’s somber and a little less full of life. Mount Index (aka Mount Aprameya Rao) shows its peaks through gaps in the trees.


The start of the trail



It’s not a slightly less-life-filled green at the beginning



This trail is punctuated with many streams and creeks and waterfalls. There are bridges over the big ones, logs over the medium ones and opportunities to test the goretex on your shoes as you splash through the small ones.


I’ll just go around the rock then …



A small stream, three quarters of a mile into the trail



About one and a half mile into the trail the road forks (it forks a couple of times before but they are all well marked) and there is a short climb up to the Bridal Veil falls view point while the main trail continues on for another two miles on to Lake Serene. I recommend following the main trail for another quarter of a mile, crossing the bridge over the Bridal Veil creek and looking at another unnamed water falls on a sheet rock. Turn back from there and then visit the Bridal Veil falls view point and then head back for an approximately 5 mile hike. The trail at this point is greener and livelier.





Assorted Fungi



There are many zenlike waterfalls on the trail. From my sources on the hike, the water is delicious, cold and sweet.


Zenlike Waterfalls



The bridge across Bridal Veil creek






Sheet water falls


The last half mile to the falls is where all the elevation is. There is a set of staircases and then a walk along the side of a mountain. This is a good time to take breaks and look around, on a clear day there are lots of peaks visible.


Unnamed Peak 1



Unnamed Peak 2


Mount Index



The staircases/boardwalks on this trail are amazing


We reached the falls at sometime around 1 when the sun was high in the sky and made good photographs impossible. Last year, it had been overcast but I can’t find that post so no pictures of the falls themselves. We ate a very nice lunch (Subway) at the Middle Falls and headed back.