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The future of instant messaging

Damn ING. -CeG <oBelIX>

I was sitting with headphones and loud music. I was also highly bored. So, I was randomly moving around the blogosphere – found some interesting blogs. Check out this and this. They are infinitely better than any that I usually read (save perhaps a couple). They are written by girls or rather members of the opposite sex. I got there from here. And the true beginning of my blogosphere oddesy was here.

Now, a little tired of reading (too much time at a screen reading tires me) I decided to give the people on my contacts something to do.

If you HATE Himesh Reshamiya

click HERE*.

*Caution: Reader Discretion advised*

The title of this post – The future of Instant Messaging – is not a misnomer as I probably have led you to presume. Infact, I was thinking more along the lines of “Mood aware Instant Messengers” or something like that (sounds like a title of a paper to me) or “Using Agent technologies for optimizing utilization of time with Instant Messengers” (another brilliant award winning paper 😀). The basic idea is that the IM’s figure out your mood – Example – if you are opening internet sites by the million or chatting randomly, they figure out you are bored and tell other instant messengers this. And if two bored instant messengers find each other they start a conversation between the users. I figure, at any point of time there is atleast one bored / vella person on your contact list. So, this would help pass the time and save you the embarresment of posting inane links to people who might be working, or starting a conversation with *&#(*$@ / *(!@&#* with someone at home ….


PS: I had no quotes … so I put a really bad phaatta as the first line … Basically, while watching Simpsons and Cheers there were like 50-60 advertisements of ING.

PS1 – Final – liverpool v milan. Im betting on milan


The one with random stuff – III

If the water cooler on your floor is not working you would rather go to the floor below to fill water than the floor above. – CeG <oBelIX>

It may look like I have a lot of things to do. Actually, it is probably like that. The last I checked my things to do list was growing faster than the increasing volume of the sound of a stampede of rhinoceros charging towards you. Yes, you may have guessed that I suck at analogies. Probably explains the not so good GRE score.

Apparently, the GRE score is not all that counts. *phew* you’d think. I should have a very good SOP and some letters recommending me. Thankfully the ideal time to apply is January to March so I will procrastinate till then. Of course this was told to me by GS so if something goes wrong I will lynch him.

There was AHSSME the other day. HSSM exams have usually been the most interesting. The first HSSM (English),. I missed a grade by 0.5 points. The second HSSM accounts, I took keeping in line with the institute’s policy on HSSM’s. They should broaden your horizons I thought. They are for a break from the regular cs you study (pun intended).They are for full and complete development and what not. However, that did not go very well with either me or some of the other people who took the course based on my “follow institute philosophy” advice.

Then there was ethics. Most noted for falling asleep during the end sem and Ujwal poking me in the back saying “wake up”. In STS I decided to get an A in an HSSM. I was told that all you have to do is write a lot. So, I wrote 11 additionals. Anyway, I guess I improvced the grade from a B to an A-.

Coming over to the current incumbent. A perspective of industry and society. It has notes with sentences like time space distantiation leads to time and space being organized by the the presence or absence of. There are other very evil examples. Anyway while studying we came up with the following answer.

The chinese are very industrious. They built the great wall of china. The mongols tried to get through the great wall.The mongols employed a chinese engineer to build a big cannon. The biggest cannon was built by a turkish chap for the siege of constantinople.Constantinople was the capital of Byzantium. Byzantium was anniahlated by the turks.The turks live in Turkey. Turkey wants to join the EU. There is no hollywood in the EU. Most movies made in Hollywood are crap. Crap Bag was the name of phoebe‘s husband in friends. Friends are forever. Forever is a relative term.

And this goes on and on and on. Cleverly, by using the word industrious in the first sentence we can fool the person who is checking into believing the answer is very relevant. I am sure he would be impressed by the scope of the answer. It can be (and is) all encompassing. I think they can make this a “whose line” game.

Also, I finally found the backup of DF. Restored it and had fun for a day. For some reason the DF culture of the older batches has pretty much gone swirling down the drain.

I like Peyton. She’s kinda very cute. Yes, I am talking about One Tree Hill. Probably named after a hill with a tree on it. Kinda like the movie “The englishman who went up a hill but came down a mountain“.


PS – This is more of a practice your english post

PS1 – I just read it and it makes more sense than some of VBH’s posts on philosphical topics.

PS2 – Need a new game. Depressed that I had no clue that Caesor 4 was coming. Shame on me :waah:

PS3 – If anyone has unrestricted access to the net then host a battlefield2 server on it. Please … Pretty Please

PS4 – Sundays suck when everyone goes home and there is nothing to do.

PS5 – If you are frustrated after reading this post please vent your anger in the comments. I do not wish for any mutilation to my near perfect visage.

PS6 – Flock’s blogging tool has a bug. Do not save your post and then continue to blog. Everything will become bold

PS7 – Free gift to the 10000’th visitor. Send screen shot if you are number 10K

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El Stupido GRE and VBH

I used to believe in transitivity but now I am not that sure.

Still in GRE prep mode. Gave a practice test the other day. Needless to say, that I will not bore you with the score. Manish still in “rock” GRE mode.

In other news, played FIFA and lost to Yaar. There is something very wierd about FIFA. I beat Yaar. Yaar beats Peesu. I and Peesu usually tie and it goes to penalties and he has all the luck. (I am hoping that all this luck will be there on the GRE day). The odd thing is that Neeraj mostly manages to beat me. Oh and Peesu thrashes Neeraj. I used to believe in transitivity but now I am not that sure.

Going back to the expectable discourse on luck. IMHO, you have a finite quantity of luck in a year. And you can ask God for it once in a while. Its kind of like a RFC except instead of comments its luck. So its an RFL. Anyway, lets just say that I have RFL’d for all the luck I presume that I have saved up over the last three years.

Oh yeah and VBH . (And I have not misspelled OBH! ). I was going to start the daily GRE prep. Then VBH messages me on yahoo. Conversations with VBH are usually enlightening. Excellent, Top notch random stuff. Anyway, he was made privy to the information cited in the second paragraph. So, suffice to say that now I have to have a bucket of water handy when I tell him my GRE score. Mostly, the reason for this post is VBH. He was noted as saying that posting is like playing with words. Which is increasing vocab. Which is GRE.

The perspicacious reader may have noticed the absence of the moribund tone prevelant in the last few posts. (Note to self – Do not change from first person to second and a half person forms of speech in the middle of a post). (Second note to self – Do not write such long asides). The reason (inane as it may seem) is related to a lady. (I am going to throw a bucket of ice cold water at chaps who think they got something to poke ridicule at me withspecifically VBH, MPJ, SRM, GNT). The lady is luck Its like JUP said, if you get Hamstring:enervate:: What the **** are you going to do?. Hence the second paragraph on the most unexplained but crucial phenomenon for a successful enterprise.

3 more days to go

PS – Yeah there are PS’s

PS1 – If you dont know GNT – its in the comments

PS2 – Must start now.

PS3 – I had breakfast. A nice breakfast. V. cheerful right now.

PS4 – Anyone who finds grammatical / spelling / <any other damn errors> in the post should leave a comment like nice peaceful people instead of bashing me up like rustic barbarous hooliganish jerks.

PS5 – Barring untoward incidents the next post will be on Weird Whacky Woohoos

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i am really bored. so figured i’d do this tag which anu-rag gave

1.Grab the book nearest to you, turn on a random page and find random line.
Edifice – a large, fine building like a church
2.Stretch your left arm out as far as you can
OK. Done
3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
FIFA 06 World Cup Finals

4.Without looking, guess what time it is?
5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
2 mins ago. Came back from canteen

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
My foot
9. What are you wearing?
T-shirt, shorts
10. Did you dream last night?

11. When did you last laugh?

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
DB’s – Dead bugs

13. Seen anything weird lately?
Sriram’s fake theirry henry kicking style
14. What do u think of this quiz?

15. What is the Last film u saw?
16. If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?
A better internet connection
17. Tell me something about you that I dunno.
I like watching whose line

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
I’d get me some unlimited access to the Net and play bf2
19. Do you like to dance?
Not really
20. George Bush
Read the post on World Politics
21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
Depends on what the wife would want to call her

22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
Depends on what the wife would want to call her
23. Would you ever consider living abroad?
Naah, i dont think so. Unless there was chaat around.
24.What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
Long time no see 😀
25. People who may do this memo in their journal.


Bond bhai

Man-ish Jai-n

















I’m too tired to think of more ppl to bug.


PS – The old Dean came when we were playing FIFA / wc. He was cool abt it for a change

PS1 – too tired to think of ps’s

the post with random stuff off the internet

check this out …


hilarious isnt it … (


ps – flame war-ish @

the post with an uninteresting title – I


[hi, what sort of an idiotic beginning to a post is that]
sorry for not posting. have been rather  busy. well, kinda busy. naah not really but still i'd like to say i was busy.

oh and before you ask, the french beard idea has been put on hold on the account of me looking nincompoopish

havent done anything great over the past few weeks.

———-BEGIN WORLD CUP STUFF—————————— 

been seeing a lot of the world cup. and messi is god, argentina godlike.

why do I say that?? well, the messi thing is mostly because he did play jolly good when he came on. (and of course all the pundits and siddarth are calling him godlike). argentina because they played the best football I have seen in a long long time. the campi****** goal was the best i've seen in a while. kinda reminded me of the mexican goal in the last world cup. 

imho, (i am sure you are sick of humble opinions on the world cup but please do bear with me and hear out my 2 cents worth), argentina will win if they play like this.

england are more like pussy-nation. they play like wimps. its like they left their balls at home. with players like gerrard, lampard, beckham, joe cole, owen one would expect much better attacking flair. and where the (((( is paul scholes??

the dutch deserve to be kicked out for playing very bad football. ivory coast were eliminated because of bad luck?? thats just a load of crap. if you saw that match, the dutch were cheating like there was no tomorrow (humours similie / metaphor generating unit offline). the referee also sucked ass (or was he also cheating in another one of FIFA's matchfixing scandals). given the way ivory coast played they deserve to get to the semi-finals atleast. 

france look like crap when they are playing. brazil also looked crappish but I guess they will come back to form.

———-END WORLD CUP STUFF——————————
and in other news, thought I would go jogging. found out that I cannot wake up early in the morning under any circumstances.

also, it seems that people (read tipo) have stopped playing games. really shocked to hear that. he must be working 24×7 on his project.

[stop working on BTP bitch i'd like to say. if manish is still there tell him to work on the BTP ]
vasan posted a really nice post. his blog is somewhere around the-prodigal-something i think. [too lazy to check it up, sorry spawn].

fuzzy is the official blogger reporter for the FIFA WC 2k6. [fuzzy pls post atwal's comments on the WC matches and performances]
maybe getting a new phone. (any recommendations please email or leave a comment).

have visited orkut a lot (yeah, i know shame on me :()

this is getting to be a really long post.

everyone seems to be on training somewhere (read gujrat / bang etc)[did I misspell gujarat? ehh, who cares]

saw mi3, fanaa, posiedon, da vinci code, basic, it could happen to you, van helsing and what not. nothign godlikish except for it could happen to you. [if your sister makes you watch fanaa, try to say no as politely as possible]
the square bracket thingie was what I was actually thinkiing of. [needless to say that was one of your most stupid ideas ]

i'd like to play cs / dota 

some guy made a helicopter out of spare auto parts. gg someguy 

oh, and the doggie needs a bath so toodle-oo … 

the french beard and secure p2p

going home soon. each time I go home its the same story. people comment on either I have grown thin, or my pant's trimmings at the bottom are torn, or some other such thinga-ma-jig.

So, this time I am thinking of being proactive. Giving people something to comment on …

The only decent idea I have come up with thusfar is growing a french beard 😀

Now, if I had a digicm or something I would post pictures of before and afted ….

anyway, will do it before I leave so people who want to cheer up can have a look at around 11 tomorrow …


On the internet it is possible to be anonymous on a peer to peer network. However, when we consider such a network on a LAN anonymity becomes harder to achieve. The fact that someone can just do a reverse lookup on your IP and find out who you are can be irritating to some.

Tipo suggested authentication as an alternatvie. Authentication based on some public serverr. The problem with such a scheme seems to be the irritation that it would cause. Imagine having to type a username / password each time you log in. Furthermore it again is not very secure.

The crux of the problem is that identification is easy based on an IP / MAC address. The only way that I can see of circumventing that is to put a proxy in the middle. Of course, with the amount of data transfer that occurs over a p2p network there would be huge load on said proxy.

So, if someone can come up with a way to implement security and anonymity over p2p please ping me …

PS – parag woke me up at 1130 today. I thought it was 1:00 PM and am quite pissed

PS1 – bad luck for lab 328 people who have to endure constant shouting at night.

PS2 – going to rewrite the indexers when I come back
PS3 – target for the post is 13 ps's

ps4 – dota rocks …

ps5 – my keyboad is really dirty

ps6 – the room is a mess

ps7 – arun has mnm's. they are like foreign gems. they rock.

ps8 – siddarth studying the whole day for CAT. damn u

ps9 – i cant think of more ps's …

ps10 – oh yeeh, there is a    squeak in my room,

parag woke me up, i thought it was 1 instead of 11

the new blog …

finally the day has dawned
manish jain has awoken from his slumber
he wrote a post on his blog
so go on, head over there
give it a look
give it a stare
give it a peek
give it a dekko


and please comment asking him to put pink as the site theme
after all he should not be shy, should he ?


PS – we dont put ip’s in public
PS1 – apparently teepo is studying night and day

counter strike ala warcraft

cowabunga … 

i just felt like saying that … perfect for describing my mood right now.

anyway onto the rest of the post …. 


counter strike is a mod for half life

those of you who have not played hl please do play it. its one of the fps's with a decent story. also play hl2. 

(i have a crush on alex ).

similarly there is a mod called dota – defense of the ancients for warcraft.

and that mod rocks. usually we used to play some stupid ass td. or x-hero siege (which by the way is pretty fun too – try extreme mode for a challenege, we beat extreme mode lvl 1). 

in dota all you have is a single hero. there are creeps and ancients in your base which you have to protect. and go and kill the other teams buildings.

sounds simple doesnt it?? well it aint as easy as it looks. 

  • you have 70 hero choices
  • there are millions of item combinations
  • there is nuking
  • there is gangbanking (2-3 enemy heroes come and whack the shit out of you).  (I did not make that up. read on dota forums).
  • there is team work.

its actually more complicated than most warcraft multiplayer matches ive played. (and i did play a good chunk of them in second year. actually, then I used to watch 3-4 replays at 1x, micromanage shamans to the extent of individually purging / lightning sheilding.  micromanage spirit walkers and what not). 

now, you may be intimidated. but therein lies the awesomeness. the learning curve is pretty gradual. the slope is low. a testament to the incredible ggness (I coined a new word. Dont I get some kind of a medal??) of this game is that Deepak plays it. And he plays decently well. (Deepak = NTT.sirirus = the optimist from utopia).


PS – trappi asshole, you will like this game … play it

PS1 –  the dota forum has more people browsing it at any point than i get hits to my blog in two days.

PS2 – swimming rocks 

PS4 – robotics term paper moving slower than a turtle hit with frost nova and slow and poison

PS5 – _||_ in advance to anand if he comments on the uselessness of warcraft

PS6 – cs pwns

PS7 – question of the day – who is piggywiggy ?? (Hint – its a comic book character). If you get it right leave a comment. you have 1/x probability of winning a prize. 

PS8 – I am going to watch pubmasters 2.

PS9 – Gautam Singh Rocks … (see PS8) 

PS10 – i thought that this post would suck but hey, ive seen worse

PS11 – check this out you will .; Really awesome it is.

the electric conundrum

their is going to be a powercut tomorrow morning …

this vexed event has thrown me in a quandary

on a grey winter day spending four hours without electrons flowing through the fan in my room would not even cause a lizard to bat an eyelid

however, this time is special … its at the time when the rooster crows (or just after). its the middle of the year, close to the soliste. its going to so hot that i am afraid of spontaneously combusting.

usually, i'd beat the heat by migrating to cooler climes. a perfect example would be the 'air-conditioned' gaming heaven that is lab 330.

however those darn electrons wont be moving about in lab either …

so now, i ask you … what would be the best way of defeating that jackass of a star thats going to shine so bright??

and, i will ask you again … when you wake up sweating and cursing at 0700 hours tomorrow … what are you going to do ?? are you going to just grumble to yourself?? or will you reflect upon your existense thusfar in this universe??

i have a feeling something great will happen tomorrow … its like a little bird has whispered in my ear …


PS – went swimming … did not drown … (you probably got that by reading this post)

PS1 – am blogging a heckuva lot …

PS2 – check out tipos blog … yeah, the guy who blogs in python –

PS3 – all bloggers, lets flame manish … he's made an account and is sitting on his ass

PS4 – eswc – support IIIT … give bumps to anyone who does not qualify 😀 (this means you spawn 😀 :D) 

PS5 – thanks to tipo i have moby – lift me up playing in my head  

PS6 – a less random / arbid post. dont you think so?