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bored, really bored

ok, now that ive given away the punch line …

there is nothing fun to do.

i dont feel like studying at all. its too hot to sleep before 0100. i dont wake up before 12 because there is nothing to do. If you like waking up before 12 please add a comment.

technically, i should be scared stiff and studying fourteen hours a day (specifically after last semester's performance). however, even halley going to library and reading is not enough motivation to start on that arduous path. (how do you spell arduous????).

i am also playing in a hap-hazard way. not like proper playing because we are struggling to get the numbers required to play. (cant blame anyone because others have exams).

in other news, tipo and I have to show bunglebot today. in what we hope will be the end of the robotics project saga. (bunglebot will be available for sale next year at a modest price of Rs. 300 :p). yeah, i know, the last set of words delimited by "full stops" does not qualify in any way to be a sentence. . If any of you feel that that qualified to be a sentence please create a comment.

still in other news – manish jain started a blog. unbelievable isn't it. clearly shows that a lot of people resort to blogging because they are bored right out of their skulls (pun intended and if you get it please acknowledge the subtleity in the comments). of course manish has only registered, has not yet made the first post.

therefore let me cordially invite one and all to a "default" session so that we can kickstart his blog. literally.

oblivion is out. struggling to get the game to IIIT. therefore, if anyone can download the game please please do download it. it seems to be an awesome game and there are a lot of ppl here who want to play it. (this is addressed to all ppl from ug2 who download stuff … ).

and also, ive been told that "Anna" is coming back to the OC in 321. wahoo, really looking forward to that. All those who liked Anna, please say so in the comments.

oh, and a treat for anyone who manages to convince the dumb stadium guys to get a swimming coach. i really want to go swimming. All those who like going swimming please express your views in the comments.

sriram rocked in se roleplay.

there was going to be a section on tipo but he said no …

and if you think this post was a lot more about getting comments then please leave a comment.

PS – there are no PS's. treat all of this post as a PS 😀

flame wars in poetry

I wrote this post in word and saved as HTML and assumed that it would work. And it did not. So click here

Srry …

CS and football

What if CS clans played football?? It’d be like this …

Hello and welcome, to the first round football match between the cows and the dont trust anyones. Myself, A. Sriram will be your commentator for this extravagant feast of dashing devilish and dastardly brilliant soccer. On the left, the Cows (who eat grass) playing with the uniform with udders on it. On the right is DTA led by Austin 3:16 who has come in only *SHOCKED* his underwear to the match. Oh !! Wait !! Sorry !! That’s what he wears while wrestling.

The cows will start with Butcher taking the kick-off along with Matrix. the man with the menhir is standing at defense ready to pulverize any DTA with that menhir of his. true_shot is keeping goal. CeG seem to have found an excellent goal keeper there, he has definately got half the goal well covered. DTA have started out in a standard formation, Goldberg playing with Player on the left, Austin 3:16 in the center, looking to smash the brains out of cyclothymia. Zaknaf3in seems to be in a floating position, more like a flying goalie. Streak‘s position is yet unclear.

Butcher kicks off, passes to cyclothymia. The ball is interepted by player and he is running towards the CeG goal. No !! Wait !! He is tackled by obelix whose brilliant foot movements have left player confounded. obelix passes to butcher. butcher butchered by Austin 3:16. they are carrying him off on a stretcher now. Austin 3:16 passes to goldberg but matrix pulls out some matrix style moves and kicks the shit out of goldberg.

matrix with the ball now, going to the DTA goal. Zaknaf3in tackles, and matrix knocks the shit out of him too. HOLD IT !!!. Guess who beats the shit out of matrix. Yeah, its player. so for the second time player with the ball. Oh Crap!!!. COLLISION!!! player collides with cyclothymia. both have been knocked out unconcious. three people running to the ball now. Austin 3:16, goldberg and obelix. WOW!!!. Thats the first time I have seen a three way scuffle. Punches are being traded. There are some serious swear words being uttered. Oh My God !!! The shouting is immense. Hey, just a sec. That’s anony shouting from the benches. Someone get him out of there.

Back to the action now. All I can see is that goldberg and obelix have been knocked out and obelix’s menhir is in the air. Austin 3:16 is doing his victory dance. He is beating his chest. He has just killed off two people (one of his own team) and seems to be in a pretty jolly mood. **CRUNCH**. that was Austin 3:16’s skull being mashed by obelix’s falling menhir.

And now, Streak is here. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Please put your hands together for Streak. Streak charging towards the CeG Goal. Oye Oye, butcher has respawned. How did that happen?? “Abe oo, Einstein, this guy is flouting physics baap. Stop him.”. while I was conversing with Einstein Streak tackled butcher and he is now heading straight for the goal. Only true_shot between Streak and the goal. Steak shoots. Brilliant shot. Going straight to the goal from the half-line. Unbeliavable accuracy. Hey, gyani_tharwani call the bookies. Tell them to put a 100 grand on DTA, now. NOW Goddammit. The ball’s almost in. Hurry up.

HOLD THE PHONE. true_shot is moving. oh my god … he is aliveeee. The ball has hit his stomach. Its going back to the DTA Goal.

gyani_tharwani: I placed the bet Sriram.
No!! No !! No!!. Somebody, Stop it. Somebody, Anybody …

Please …

Please .



PS – GRE class tomorrow. Will I go or not??PS1 – Its golgappas not golagappas

PS2 – Yaar’s name is not Yaar, its Yar. (i am refering to Pradeep Y / Austin 3:16 / Ranker)

PS3 – Try giving a BTP viva with a severe stomach ache. It really helps in keeping v. v. calm.

PS4 – I wrote the PS’s before the post. How friggun weird is that.

PS5 – If I dont have an idea for the next post then I will post on squompched.

PS6 – No hard feelings anyone … please …

computing and gaming @ IIIT

its been a long time since I played a new computer game. a very long time.

Why have I not played new games?? Well, mainly because of the dire shortage of good games. Since BW2, GTA there havent been many good games on campus (you may say that I am neglecting POP but I played sands of time and the one after that and POP gets pretty darn monotonous).

Actually, right now I am in no mood to play an FPS. I’d rather play a nice RPG like Fable / Diablo etc …

Yesterday, we asked some people about the utter overkill of resources in 210 and 204. AFAIK the institute has a good chunk of machines of the P3-1GHz / 128MB RAM config. THe machines that used to be in lab 2 / lab 328 / lab 329 last year. However this year the decided to get 64 bit machines with 512 MB RAM and an ATI card and use them as dumb terminals in 210 and 204.

Basically, the funda is that the old machines do not have BOOTROM / BOOTRAM.  Again AFAIK booting from the network is a function of the network card. Anyway, I still feel its a gross misuse of computing power giving awesome PC’s for acting as ssh clients.


PS – sticking to computing, why cant we install a DHCP server and an SMS so that we could automate installs of XP over the network??

PS1 – OK, enough geeky stuff for this post (srry for the excessive computer related stuff over the last few posts)
PS2 – se classes are becoming a pain in the ass

PS3 – New TV series called scrubs on campus. Kinda funny.

PS4 – Everybody Loves Raymond rocks.

PS5 – Does anyone remember the following rhyme …

This old man, he played three
he played knick knack up a tree
with a knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone
this old man came rolling home

This old man, he played seven
he played knick knack upto heaven
with a knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone
this old man came rolling home

THis old man, he played eight
he played knick knack on my gate
with a knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone
this old man came rolling home

PS6 – Ppl please stop spamming on yahoo. I got this message 10 times within one minute.
This is a story of four people called Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was some important work that had to be done, and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry because of this, since it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody understood that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended with Everybody blaming Somebody as Nobody did what Anybody could have done