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of bad programming and stuff to do

Well, there was this new game on campus. It was called Titan Quest 2. It’s a mouse heavy RPG. Almost the same as diablo. Now, I was like “Woo-Hoo something different to play. “. It’d be like last year’s summers when we played diablo on the LAN.

Enter Reminiscing mode

(yeah, i know its kind of insipid but still, it was fun). Back then, sham used to wake up early, gain two more levels and then host multiplayer when me, neeraj, and manish would be trying to get atleast 2% of the inventory and a little bit of gold.

Exit Reminicing mode

Alas, that was not to be. Titan Quest 2 seems to be another one of those games that crashes a heck of a lot. It’s like the developers did not have enough time to finish the game fully. They just released it with the intention of fixing it all in a patch later on. And that really sucks.

There seem to be some new games on campus. ANd also, some new ones coming up. Sadly, I seem to be a little crappish on the time management scene. Have a ton of work (well it feels tonnish mostly becuase I dont do much of it).

The silver lining on this dark cloud of work is that the BTP is in a decent position. Compared to last month atleast.

And speaking of clouds it has decided to rain again. The rain is seriously irritating. I say, it rain properly for a couple of hours. It’s like the motif of July + August is “Welcome to rainland. Today’s schedule – a light drizzle thats just the right amount of irritating”.

Yesterday was independence day. (Oh Wait. It was day before). Surprisingly the guard did not wake me up at 0700 hours (that has been the tradition for the last two years). Anyhoo, I did miss season 1 (the morning show) which had Prof. PKR in a tizzy over a play. (I did not see the play). I did however arrive in time for the supposed starting of the evening show. Mostly, extremely self conscious until Neeraj showed up (I was in shorts while everyone else was in full pants).

It started off with some commentry and then there were some rather quaint plays by a few children. There was also a song by 3 kids, one of whom did not wish to share the mike with the others. Probably like Sonu Nigame (hehe, when you make it Nigame, it sounds africanish).

Then there was a play in Telegu. The acting seemed nice. Of course it was all OHT. I thought I heard some phrases like “Those sarees are not for me” or something else to do with golgappas but that was probably because I have no idea of what was being said.

The fusion was not my style of music and I left soon after.

Oh, and there was a decent dance somewhere in between. They did the entire dancing with diyas and stuff. Cudos to the guy who managed to relight his diya after it extinguished (for want of a better word … )

But, on the whole it was gg to the cultural council and whoever organized / took part in the whole whatchamacallit.

Wow !!! This has been one lb post (long + boring).


PS – peesu kumar broke his loosing streak

PS1 – some insanely trivial problem with battle.NET (:GRRRR:)

PS2 – I dont want to read.

PS3 – Ne good movies out there?

PS4 – apocalype’s blog is a nice read

PS5 – could the internet get any slower?

PS6 – Have seen most of scrubs again.

PS7 – I need a disguise 😀

the gamers of IIIT

This was posted on df a long time ago by L3st4t. (in reply to a gautam singh question i think)

Original post begins here … ————————————————————-

Zorro(Praveen), Dutt(Forgot name), Bond(Pradeep),SkyWalker(Sreenath aka Robinhood),Punneth Vohra(Forgot his alias), Revanth

These r the senoirs who play awesome Q3

Robinhood(Sreenath), _Ur_Wife_, Con_Thunder, Bond(Pradeep),_Fufo_Warrior(Venki)

These r the major agers

Specail notice for Gholum(Aditya) who according 2 Sree and Bond has played every game that ever arrived on IIIT lan and used 2 compete in every game for the top positions

Now Q3

Dp(DurgaPrasad), Majji(Manoj) I dont know whos better but I feel that Dp’s better

I have left for quite sometime so I really dont know whos awesome now

Amal Ajay Bedi Ashwin (Me) Sreejith Vishesh

used 2 b same range when I left Q3 some 6 mnths ago

Rao and Balanagireddy were really close 2 beating me then


Me, Venki (I dont want 2 decide and I dont think I can 2 whos better) Bedi defintley comes nxt and Amal, Balanagi Reddy, Girish, Manohar come later


Somu(Somyujit Deb) The god of NFS I started playing NFS after watching him play

I dont know whos nxt etc Sreejith, Vishnu, Vinod, Pisyush play gud I dont know abt others and how gud these guys r


A lot of these people I do not know personally.

And amongst our seniors Shiben (ORB) plays most games. He is like the god-of-gaming.

Then there is Rao and Balnagireddy (sorry for any misspellings). They were both excellent at quake. Bala was also very good at age. Also, there is Sumanth who used to play very good age.

Of course there will be many that I have missed so please just point out any mistakes and I will correct them.


the resurrection of bf2

Yes, ladies and gentlemen … (dunno how many ladies are reading this ;p)

But bf2 is back. Hip hip hurray. For the uninitiated and out of touch (way way way out of touch) bf2 is just about the most intense game in the world. And its back in a brand new flavour ala Bf2 special forces.

So, come on, join the part-ay … Yesterday’s games were quite intense. Special forces has a lot of cool stuff. (Dont have time to write a full review). Oh, and could someone tell Mangla and Trappi that bf2 is back. (Yeah, i know, Mangla plays(ed) well).

Oh and I think ug3 must have gotten new pc’s (decent pc’s). If thats true, then seriously you gotta give bf2 a try. We’ll try to also setup an account server so that we can play over different subnets etc (or if the sysadmin’s could be kind enough to enable UDP broadcasts we’d be able to fool the game into thinking we are all on one big subnet).

Oh, and one more thing … yesterday I came across this puzzle. Its fun to do :D, I ended up wasting two whole hours 😦 .


PS – post inspired by Saki

PS1 – DoTA is fun

PS2 – Shamanth is evil. He makes people stop bf2 in the middle. Lets all kick Shamanth.

PS3 – Must finish configuring 14.6 …

PS4 – My todo list is huge …

PS5 – Urghh !!! Classes !!! Dont wanna go.

PS7 – I got a new keyboard 😀

PS8 – slogging seems to have died a premature death. Need to revive it. The next post may be on “The huha-ness of tipo”. (Assuming I can find the stupid ass draft).

PS9 – have you read this?

PS10 – WTF wrong with the israelis?

PS11 – Had excellent dinner yesterday. Quite pleased.

PS12 – BTP going forward. Sucked at writing python code at first. Now am getting back into the groove.

PS13 – Woah, 13 PS’s, and I wasnt even trying 😀

counter strike ala warcraft

cowabunga … 

i just felt like saying that … perfect for describing my mood right now.

anyway onto the rest of the post …. 


counter strike is a mod for half life

those of you who have not played hl please do play it. its one of the fps's with a decent story. also play hl2. 

(i have a crush on alex ).

similarly there is a mod called dota – defense of the ancients for warcraft.

and that mod rocks. usually we used to play some stupid ass td. or x-hero siege (which by the way is pretty fun too – try extreme mode for a challenege, we beat extreme mode lvl 1). 

in dota all you have is a single hero. there are creeps and ancients in your base which you have to protect. and go and kill the other teams buildings.

sounds simple doesnt it?? well it aint as easy as it looks. 

  • you have 70 hero choices
  • there are millions of item combinations
  • there is nuking
  • there is gangbanking (2-3 enemy heroes come and whack the shit out of you).  (I did not make that up. read on dota forums).
  • there is team work.

its actually more complicated than most warcraft multiplayer matches ive played. (and i did play a good chunk of them in second year. actually, then I used to watch 3-4 replays at 1x, micromanage shamans to the extent of individually purging / lightning sheilding.  micromanage spirit walkers and what not). 

now, you may be intimidated. but therein lies the awesomeness. the learning curve is pretty gradual. the slope is low. a testament to the incredible ggness (I coined a new word. Dont I get some kind of a medal??) of this game is that Deepak plays it. And he plays decently well. (Deepak = NTT.sirirus = the optimist from utopia).


PS – trappi asshole, you will like this game … play it

PS1 –  the dota forum has more people browsing it at any point than i get hits to my blog in two days.

PS2 – swimming rocks 

PS4 – robotics term paper moving slower than a turtle hit with frost nova and slow and poison

PS5 – _||_ in advance to anand if he comments on the uselessness of warcraft

PS6 – cs pwns

PS7 – question of the day – who is piggywiggy ?? (Hint – its a comic book character). If you get it right leave a comment. you have 1/x probability of winning a prize. 

PS8 – I am going to watch pubmasters 2.

PS9 – Gautam Singh Rocks … (see PS8) 

PS10 – i thought that this post would suck but hey, ive seen worse

PS11 – check this out you will .  Really awesome it is.

the road to oblivion

Please note – you may want to read the PS's first. 

oblivion – The condition or state of being forgotten or unknown

oblivion – The absence of awareness

oblivion – "The elder scrolls", a computer game.

this post describes a herculean effort to get the above mentioned game to work.


  • me
  • shamanth
  • mahesh
  • arun
  • anand
  • manish
  • monga
  • peesu
  • t3
  • aziz

The hardware

  • one ATI Radeon 9800
  • one 512 MB RAM chip
  • one 80 GB External HDD
  • one SMPS
  • one 40 GB Seagate HDD

The story

Chaos got oblivion. Now, if you read the reviews or have seen the screenshots you would know that it was one of the most anticipated rpg's of the year. (and based on the 20 odd hours that I have played it definately deserves its 9.3 rating)

So, initially thought that the game would run in the lab. Downloaded it and tried there, ran at one fps. Realized we need better hardware. Also realized that no "one" one has good enough hardware save for peesu

Came up with a plan. Put my graphics card (one ATI Radeon 9800), anand's RAM (one 512 MB chip) into Shamanth's PC. (Those of you who dont know shamanth please check here. ) (I had to take my card out of manish's pc for that …)

Now we had to transfer four gigabytes over wireless LAN. Since I had already copied the game to my PC (over SMB not DC++) I moved the harddisk there. Copied game there. Started oblivion.

The first glitch – The game would freeze after the first cutscene. So, figured we would install from the CD and try. Borrowed an external 80 gig hdd from Arun. Took it to Mahesh's room. (incidentally, you can learn about them both here). Wired LAN rocks, copied 4 GB to Mahesh's HDD. Tried copying to Arun's external harddisk.

The second glitch – Windows said "Not enough free space". So made some space. Now the drive has 8GB of space. It still wont copy 4GB of an iso. Then realized … its a stupid ass FAT32 filesystem. wont support a file larger than 4GB. Chopped up the file and copied to HDD. Then copied to Shamanths PC. (incidentally had another random argument with aziz).
The era of bliss – So shamanth and I started playing the game. It was going good except that shamanth was becoming extremely possessive and not wanting to share … grrr … However, it seems that the universe is conspiring against the game.

The third glitch – Shamanths SMPS blows up. And I mean literally blows up, with a white spark and stuff like that. His room loses power. Takes another one day to repair. At this time, the prudent thing to do would have been investigate why this happened. However, we moved my SMPS to his PC and started playing. We played for like 60 hours (sham 40, me about 20 – I still dont know why he was cribbing). Laughed a little at peesu who was sucking at gaining levels (mostly bcoz he was doing yucky quests). T3 and monga also got enthralled by the game.

The fourth glitch – Now after so many hours you'd think that  everything would keep going fine. Sadly, something started to overheat. Either my card / or shamanths CPU.

The current scenario – We decided to stop playing because sooner or later some hardware was going to go kaput. My SMPS and card are with me, my PC is working. 
Sham's pc is totally useless i.e. w/o smps and RAM.

The bottomline – No clear way of playing oblivion in the near future.


PS – "STATUTARY WARNING" This post is a description of the pain in getting oblivion to work. Mostly, I expect that you would not care and feel bored after reading it.   

PS1 – have been thinking abt BTP and what to do and how to do

PS2 – will goto pt from the first of MAY 

PS3 – GRE classes are boring

PS4 – I am going to flunk at GRE

PS5 – C++ rocks, inheritance rocks, source control rocks.

PS6 – SE is important – atleast the bit about writing clear code and not screwing up source control. 


this is not a review

i cant even write a review yet. have only managed to play the game at less than one fps.

really, after the insanely long wait, not being able to play the game because of lack of hardware sucks.

so, anyone interested in temporarily giving me a computer w/o graphics card and harddisks please lemme know, i really want to play this game.

oh, and at the present moment i really envy all of cvit for their awesome machines :grrr:


ps – not seeing v. for vendetta anytime soon.

ps1 – have resolved to write more

ps2 – have a good amount of work – even after exams

ps3 – i want to go home

ps4 – geyes rocks 

CS and football

What if CS clans played football?? It’d be like this …

Hello and welcome, to the first round football match between the cows and the dont trust anyones. Myself, A. Sriram will be your commentator for this extravagant feast of dashing devilish and dastardly brilliant soccer. On the left, the Cows (who eat grass) playing with the uniform with udders on it. On the right is DTA led by Austin 3:16 who has come in only *SHOCKED* his underwear to the match. Oh !! Wait !! Sorry !! That’s what he wears while wrestling.

The cows will start with Butcher taking the kick-off along with Matrix. the man with the menhir is standing at defense ready to pulverize any DTA with that menhir of his. true_shot is keeping goal. CeG seem to have found an excellent goal keeper there, he has definately got half the goal well covered. DTA have started out in a standard formation, Goldberg playing with Player on the left, Austin 3:16 in the center, looking to smash the brains out of cyclothymia. Zaknaf3in seems to be in a floating position, more like a flying goalie. Streak‘s position is yet unclear.

Butcher kicks off, passes to cyclothymia. The ball is interepted by player and he is running towards the CeG goal. No !! Wait !! He is tackled by obelix whose brilliant foot movements have left player confounded. obelix passes to butcher. butcher butchered by Austin 3:16. they are carrying him off on a stretcher now. Austin 3:16 passes to goldberg but matrix pulls out some matrix style moves and kicks the shit out of goldberg.

matrix with the ball now, going to the DTA goal. Zaknaf3in tackles, and matrix knocks the shit out of him too. HOLD IT !!!. Guess who beats the shit out of matrix. Yeah, its player. so for the second time player with the ball. Oh Crap!!!. COLLISION!!! player collides with cyclothymia. both have been knocked out unconcious. three people running to the ball now. Austin 3:16, goldberg and obelix. WOW!!!. Thats the first time I have seen a three way scuffle. Punches are being traded. There are some serious swear words being uttered. Oh My God !!! The shouting is immense. Hey, just a sec. That’s anony shouting from the benches. Someone get him out of there.

Back to the action now. All I can see is that goldberg and obelix have been knocked out and obelix’s menhir is in the air. Austin 3:16 is doing his victory dance. He is beating his chest. He has just killed off two people (one of his own team) and seems to be in a pretty jolly mood. **CRUNCH**. that was Austin 3:16’s skull being mashed by obelix’s falling menhir.

And now, Streak is here. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Please put your hands together for Streak. Streak charging towards the CeG Goal. Oye Oye, butcher has respawned. How did that happen?? “Abe oo, Einstein, this guy is flouting physics baap. Stop him.”. while I was conversing with Einstein Streak tackled butcher and he is now heading straight for the goal. Only true_shot between Streak and the goal. Steak shoots. Brilliant shot. Going straight to the goal from the half-line. Unbeliavable accuracy. Hey, gyani_tharwani call the bookies. Tell them to put a 100 grand on DTA, now. NOW Goddammit. The ball’s almost in. Hurry up.

HOLD THE PHONE. true_shot is moving. oh my god … he is aliveeee. The ball has hit his stomach. Its going back to the DTA Goal.

gyani_tharwani: I placed the bet Sriram.
No!! No !! No!!. Somebody, Stop it. Somebody, Anybody …

Please …

Please .



PS – GRE class tomorrow. Will I go or not??PS1 – Its golgappas not golagappas

PS2 – Yaar’s name is not Yaar, its Yar. (i am refering to Pradeep Y / Austin 3:16 / Ranker)

PS3 – Try giving a BTP viva with a severe stomach ache. It really helps in keeping v. v. calm.

PS4 – I wrote the PS’s before the post. How friggun weird is that.

PS5 – If I dont have an idea for the next post then I will post on squompched.

PS6 – No hard feelings anyone … please …

computing and gaming @ IIIT

its been a long time since I played a new computer game. a very long time.

Why have I not played new games?? Well, mainly because of the dire shortage of good games. Since BW2, GTA there havent been many good games on campus (you may say that I am neglecting POP but I played sands of time and the one after that and POP gets pretty darn monotonous).

Actually, right now I am in no mood to play an FPS. I’d rather play a nice RPG like Fable / Diablo etc …

Yesterday, we asked some people about the utter overkill of resources in 210 and 204. AFAIK the institute has a good chunk of machines of the P3-1GHz / 128MB RAM config. THe machines that used to be in lab 2 / lab 328 / lab 329 last year. However this year the decided to get 64 bit machines with 512 MB RAM and an ATI card and use them as dumb terminals in 210 and 204.

Basically, the funda is that the old machines do not have BOOTROM / BOOTRAM.  Again AFAIK booting from the network is a function of the network card. Anyway, I still feel its a gross misuse of computing power giving awesome PC’s for acting as ssh clients.


PS – sticking to computing, why cant we install a DHCP server and an SMS so that we could automate installs of XP over the network??

PS1 – OK, enough geeky stuff for this post (srry for the excessive computer related stuff over the last few posts)
PS2 – se classes are becoming a pain in the ass

PS3 – New TV series called scrubs on campus. Kinda funny.

PS4 – Everybody Loves Raymond rocks.

PS5 – Does anyone remember the following rhyme …

This old man, he played three
he played knick knack up a tree
with a knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone
this old man came rolling home

This old man, he played seven
he played knick knack upto heaven
with a knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone
this old man came rolling home

THis old man, he played eight
he played knick knack on my gate
with a knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone
this old man came rolling home

PS6 – Ppl please stop spamming on yahoo. I got this message 10 times within one minute.
This is a story of four people called Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was some important work that had to be done, and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry because of this, since it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody understood that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended with Everybody blaming Somebody as Nobody did what Anybody could have done 

The definitive guide to CS – The Who’s who

This post has been written by a member of [CeG]. Therefore it may be biased towards / against [CeG]. In no way do my views reflect the views of [CeG]. [CeG] is in no way liable for any content on this blog. (Of course you can sue titans / slayers / dta or anyone else )
The Who’s Who of CS
Written By: The CS Reporter
CS is a religion in IIIT. However, we do not have any kind of history of CS. After all we’d all like to be remembered as something right?? So, my first attempt at chronicling the history of cs in IIIT.
CeG Butcher : This guy was / is the god of CS. He and Slipstream were one of a kind. This guy has class, elegance. He used to go around winning matches on his own. A little out of touch now, he is not in the kind of form like he used to be (or others are better). He is still dangerous with both the maverick and the friggin AWP. Will also be remembered for taking an SMG shot at icss> playboi.CeG - Matrix | xirtam : The mastermind of CeG tactics. One of the initial few who started using bombs. He single handedly screwed TiTaNs in the CeG v TiTaNs final in May last year. Very dangerous with most guns.

CeG - true_shot : One of the more defensive players in CS. Plays reasonably with AK. Right now, the only CeG in form in clan matches.

CeG – cyclothymia | rexisgod | Jim Morrison : The CeG scout. The most dangerous player with clarion. Usually found at A-Center in de_dust2 / house in de_inferno. Be very afraid when approaching.

CeG – oBelIX | the man with the menhir : The guy who dies first / is used as bait. Played bloody darn well against CSI, went from a score of 0/3 to 26/5. (that’s me by the way)

DTA – Austin 3:16 – Yaar. He used to snipe damn well a while back. Nowadays plays with the AK and Mav. I think that he is the tactician for DTA (not sure abt that).

DTA – Goldberg – One of the most ardent gamers around. He is usually the guy who carries the bomb. Excellent at finishing a match (i.e. winning it 1v2 or 1v1). Against DTA it ain’t over as long as this guy is alive.

DTA – Zaknafin – This guy is reaching god-like play with pistols. Just the other day, there was me and yaar at Center in inferno and he takes two headshots with a friggin deagle and wins the match. He is like a one man army, easily capable of taking out two or more.

DTA – Player – He does for DTA what matrix does for CeG. Basically, the guy who makes sure everything goes ok.

DTA – streak – The absolute god of the maverick. Seriously, this guy is the best with that gun. Do not take him 1 v 1. It wont be good for your health. Deadly at points like B tunnel exit in dust2 where you can spray and kill four. Well known for multi kills.

Slayers – munnabhai | lol – IMHO, the best sniper around. Very dangerous with pistols as well. Very dangerous with the AK. Very dangerous with the maverick. Ok, this guy in short is one of the best cs players around.

Slayers – haha | arthur | (komarneni) – This guy WILL kill you with a deagle. Unless you are sniping in which case you stand a better chance. All he will do is hit you on the head with the deagle and bam you are dead as a Chinese chicken being saute’d for Manchurian.

Slayers – Cool – Haven’t played him much except in pool, so cant say much.

Slayers – Black | 1fkedupbitch – One of the most team players around. He plays a real team game. Deadly with AK, I remember him and someone else together taking out snipers at CT bridge room in Aztec.

Slayers – lionking – I thought he had retired from CS. Hadn’t seen much of him for a while. He used to screw people earlier when he was in DTA. (see the DTA video if you don’t believe me). Last I heard, he came, he played and he fucked titans / dta.

TiTaNs – asdf | sker – Probably, one of the best players in IIIT as of now. Excellent sniper and near perfect with pistols. Seriously, if you think that you snipe well, play him. Usually found at A-Banana in de_inferno.

TiTaNs – CyClops – A little out of touch now but at one point of time (read April-May last year) he was the most dangerous player with the AK. Used to wallbang the fk out of the sniper on CT bridge room in de_aztec. Also, he single handedly killed almost all of Bleed / ABC (I don’t remember which) at Felicity ’05 with a Steyr Aug.

TiTaNs – Sirius – The guy who rocks with the defender and the maverick. He just moves, shoots and hits your head. This guy is pretty aggressive. To take him out, you’d better wait.

TiTaNs – Rock – Once again, a little out of touch now. But earlier he was the sniper with the least reaction time and the highest accuracy. The reason for TiTaNs being so good was probably Rock and asdf sniping. Trust me, it was nearly impossible to take him out 1v1 when he was sniping.

TiTaNs – FRAG – The rifler of TiTaNs, the guy who used to be at A-Center if I remember correctly. Haven’t gone much 1v1 against him …

TiTaNs – googol – A slightly more defensive player. Mostly, whenever I played with / against him in Aztec and when were losing he’d say `Fall Back Team`.

TiTaNs – spawn – One of the other CS’ers who blog. Have only played against him recently and well, he does play well. Pretty much of an all-rounder (that means that he can snipe as well as rifle).

CSI – Slipstream – The guy who defined cs. Like butcher, he was the type of guy who’d win a match single-handedly and look good too. Played very well with all guns (even guns which most ppl think are crap – clarion).

CSI – xXx – The guy who organized the first CS tourney. He was nice and aggressive, unlike some of the extremely boring ppl who will save a ct pistol for 4 minutes. Very deadly with the mav, I remember him taking out four ppl at A in inferno. Chk out the replay of Jedi V CSI, amazing play by xXx.

CSI – Shrek – Haven’t played him much so cant write much.

CSI – space – koolnaal, this guy was deadly with clarion. Mostly, I remember him taking out three T’s in dust2 at A-Long in CSI v CeG. That was probably the defining moment when it became obvious that CSI were better prepared in that match.

CSI – saki – Now in TiTaNs, this guy was initially a sniper. Now he rocks with all guns. His sniping is very very accurate.

PlayboiHe was good at quake. He thought he’d be good at CS too. Initially when we were very green, he used to showoff sniping. (he was a pretty decent sniper). Check out the raskullz v TiTaNs video for a shot of playboy sniping rock straight in the a$$. That was hilarious :D.

gAMeSKP, whenever me and him played in the same team we’d help each other out a lot. I wonder why he quit.

SuckingSuckyAt one pt, he played very very well. But he was better known for kicking ppl arbitly and restarting the server whenever he lost and being a general pain in the ass.

P@inKi||erA staunch supporter of CeG. No further comments :D.

Bertie Wooster – One of the ppl who used to play CS in the beginning. President of the Dead People’s Club (ppl who die very fast and chat while the others are playing). I remember him and me having many conversations in cs_estate after dying within 20 seconds. I dunno why he quit.

Bloodline | Srikanth Cherla – He was the backbone of the aakash team. Played pretty well those days. One of the founding members of TiTaNs. Again, I wonder why he quit.

T3 – This guy plays with many arbitrary names. He plays reasonably well and is probably the only guy who scouts (in the sense he uses the scout). Just the other day, he headshot Mahesh with one. You should have seen Mahesh’s face. Lol.

AnonyBetter known for his shouting matches with cyclothymia, a proverbial pita. However, when he plays seriously, he plays pretty well.

Fauji | mossad – (sorry, I don’t remember any more names) – The guy who has seen the most CS videos. The guy who knows the most strategy. If there were commentators in CS he would be like Geoffery Boycott, immensely knowledgeable about the game.

Legend – The guy you’d see with a goddam smg (hey that rhymes !!). He will charge first, and die a heck of a lot.

GoonzanOne of the more defensive players. Has been known to play with shotguns and kill a lot of ppl.

noobieGyani_Tharwani, an allround player …

Mangla | Rahul_badmouse – (I forget his name), one of the two guys who has tried to play on a touchpad. He actually killed butcher with it in cs_office.

DesiArmyOK, me and him used to go 1v1. (and I used to loose : ( ). Sad aint it.

GrawlAnother member of aakash. I tell you, aakash was pretty strong then. Sadly, now it’s the bloody agnians.

Unpredictable – The linux bond. Actually tried to play CS from linux. Then switched to windows. Didn’t help much. The first time he bought an HE in cs_assault, at the end of the round, he threw it at me in the vent. When asked why, `I’d bought it, I wanted to use it`. Also known for smoking his own team’s sniper so that they cant kill the enemy.

BeegleNot the proverbial pooch I’d say. He got a lot of ppl pissed when he went roaming around for the bomb in a match against AOI I think.

Bah – A normal player, charges, dies. Plays ok with ak.

ArMMoRThe guy who gives up. He tried to learn CS. Then gave up. Tried again, gave up again. Plays occasionally.

kiran_dvl - this guy is immensely popular in the lab. Whenever he plays ppl shout lillieee ...

Now there are a lot more players in CS. I haven’t actually played against most of them a lot. It would be unfair if I was to try to write a description. I will however list them out …

Sid, KID, Mosagadu, WTF, N_b_R, Sinner, WooHoo, ^-^, B. Satish kumar, Tiger, Ironhide, Donkey, Axe, Orb,

I’d also like to apologize to ug2, I haven’t played much with them so I cant write about them. If someone from their batch would write I’d be glad to add it to this post.


PS – Any factual errors or omissions are regretted mostly because I’m human and I make mistakes goddamit.

PS1 – If anyone has anything to say or I’ve missed out someone please send me a mail or post a comment, I’d be glad to add them.

PS2 – Pooh!! This took a heckuva long time.

PS3 – I hope I don’t get screwed in STS because of this.

PS4 - If you are angry or offended by this post, go ahead, write about it in the comments. Its good to let that stuff out. I dont want to be stalked and killed when I am 40 over some article I wrote in college that pissed someone off.

The CS Reporter

This post has been written by a member of [CeG]. Therefore it may be biased towards / against [CeG]. In no way do my views reflect the views of [CeG]. [CeG] is in no way liable for any content on this blog. (Of course you can sue titans / slayers / dta or anyone else )

Counter Strike Today
Written By: The CS Reporter

over the past few days a lot of counter strike has been played. zombie zone mostly.

so, there have been some upheavals in the old order.

it all started with Titans losing to Slayers. Actually, I figured the result would be a slayers win. I did not estimate the magnitude of Titans loss. After winning 10-1 or 11-1 as CT they lost. I mean, they failed to win more than two rounds in dust2 as T. That my friends is an atrocity, a heinous crime.

Then slayers went on to beat DTA. Slayers rock …

Yesterday was [CeG] v Titans in de_inferno, [CeG]’s stronghold, where they beat the crap out of CSI, won very closely with DTA and won the finals against Titans. Some of you may remember the last time these two teams played. Titans lost. Of course that was when [CeG] was in almost peak form. This time around a member of [CeG] described it as “Shit Happens. “. “Shit Happens” is a very very scaled down version of what actually happened. [CeG] were running helter-skelter, with very little co-ordination. They were getting killed from front and back. Charges on A left them flashed and very very dead. Going through B was fked as well. Anyway after a 14-1 loss as T playing CT was pretty much pointless. All credit to Titans for kicking their ass. Hopefully, it will get them to wake up and practice.

Will be back with more Counter Strike News as and when it happens. Remember you read it first on Counter Strike Today.