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A trip to dehradun, A sore throat, Life after College

Bullocks up his esophagus. -Baba

Eating Panipuri does not worsen a sore throat. -CeG <oBelIX>

Stupid Star Parivaar Award. -CeG <oBelIX>

For the annual summer mini-vacation we’d gone to Dehradun. I say mini-vacation because unlike me (the epitome of vella-ness), my parents etc are rather busy at this time. So, in pareil with a meeting my Dad had, we all went to Dehradun. Its pretty close by, some 220 kilometers. You’d think that 220 kilometers, managing 50 kmph you’d get there in 4-5 hours. The road however is in the stage of being unmade before it is made again. Perhaps in another 4-5 years we’d manage dehradun in 4-5 hours. At night however driving is much better.

Dehradun’s a nice place. A very quiet city during the day. The buzz starts around late afternoon, and by evening the whole place is utter bedlam. The lack of a plant-ish bone in my body is rather disconcerting given that both my parents have PhD’s in botany. I personally prefer concrete to forests – mostly for the immense dislike for all insects, roaches and other members of the animal family that have more than two legs.

However, if you do go to dehradun, visit the FRI. It is the Forest Research Institute or summat like that. The campus is gorgeous. The building is stunning. Its the kind of place I’d like to study in … Its heavenly.

The best thing about road-trips however is the journey – and the conversation. Also the eating at dhabas and what not – very different cuisine. Dhabas seem to be the latest on the paneer bandwagon. The last time I’d gone for a road-trip in the north the dhabas all had very standard fare – some dal, some roti and some sabji. Now, its all hep and modern, keeping in touch with the punjabi paneer afficanados. There’s butter naan, panner butter masala, kadhai paneer etc. Against the advice of my mother (who believed that paneer would not be good) I tried Shahi Paneer. I expected something simple, elegant and yet delightful. However, it was not up to the mark, nothing great. Rather so-so. Ho-Hum.


The routine at home has been rather weird, non-conformant with the rest of the holidays. My sister is also vella, so we’ve been roaming around Delhi. The weirdest thing is that whenever I come  home for a stay more than a week, I fall sick just before I am about to leave. Some niggly piggly pidda thing. This time it is a sore throat.

I have been keeping track of the infection. This involves opening my mouth in front of a mirror and shining a torch into the darkness much to the amazement of my Mother and to the utter grossing out of my sister. I have figured out what a sore throat looks like. There are some red pimple like things on the back of my throat which I presume are the infection. I’ve been observing their growth (they seem less potent now). I tried taking pictures with the cell phone camera but the digital zoom makes it look real crap.


Microsoft advanced the joining date. Im coming back to college early. I know its all very yucky of me, but I came up with a list of stuff that I would buy with the first salary. Yeah, yeah, I know, its cliched, its been done before, its so lame … skip the section if you so wish …

1. An internet connection

2. World of Warcraft

3. A digital camera – one of the nice ones

That’s all I got so far, apart from the necessities …


PS – Playing online scrable –

PS1 – Wireless LAN at home


PS3 – Pati PLaying poker and sweep


Of Books and Movies

Yossarian Lives. -Joseph Heller

Over the course of this short sojourn, I have read a few books and seen a couple of the rather crappy hindi movies.

Catch 22.
This is one of the best books ever written. It is insanely funny. It is witty and sarcastic. It is not the type of book that is hard to put down. Infact if you put it down you wont pick it up again. It is hard to read – and you have to read every single word to realize the genius, appreciate the beauty (etc). It is also the most random book I have read, it does not follow a strict timeline – its kind of like Memento (or the other film in which random stuff happens randomly). Leaving all that aside, it is still a brilliant read …

This is a very different book. It is composed of a series of emails within the employees of an advertising agency. It has tiny twists that are extremely well thought of. It also has some dilbert type situations. Overall its very funny – esp in the way it is presented.

Lord of the Rings
I finally read the whole of the lord of the rings. Though the movie is perhaps the best adaptation of the book that could have been made, the book is still a very good read. The parts they screwed up in the movie (Frodo’s journey :D) are the best parts to read in the book. Also, a lot of stuff happens which is just not in the movie (for lack of time). Anyway, after reading the book, you can only just appreciate the genius that is JRR Tolkein. Plus you see the movie in a whole different way.

Namaste London, Spiderman 3, <the one whose name is not worth remembering>
I saw three movies in the cinema. All in the name of going out with the family and all. All CRAP. Total waste of the admission fee.  In general the following applies – There is no story. The acting is shoddy. There are some parts of the movie(s) in which you will just put your head in your hands and ask “Why God? WHY?“.

The rest in another post – Till then – Ciao.

Of Seinfeld and Exams

Procrastination – not working. -CeG<oBelIX>

He who laughs last thinks slowest. -Some internet site

Its siesta time, so this is a short post. Nowhere as exciting as the last one. Anyhoo, it is exam time again. Since I have no real means of timepass I am compelled to blog. The schedule nowadays is rather weird.

10AM – Noon: Pre lunch wake up session

Noon – 1:00PM: Lunch

1:00PM – 3:00 PM: Post lunch, Pre swimming Sleeping session

3:00PM – 4:45 PM: Waste time in wing upstairs session

4:45PM – 7:00 PM: Swimming

7:00PM – 8:00PM: Post swimming pre dinner session

8:00PM – 9:00PM: Dinner

9:00PM – Midnight: Post dinner dota session

Midnight – Till I fall asleep: Seinfeld

Oh and I study in between (No, Im serious … dont want a repeat of Industry) …

Have been seeing seinfeld. Seinfeld is like a book. You need to get through the first few seasons and then it becomes good. Seasons 3, 4 are a delight. Going to start season 5.

Poetry in DF back.

Swimming lot of fun. Lot of ppl coming swimming as well. Including the great VBH and VVBH (despite IIMs and all) and aziz … Rather fun in the pool. The target this time is to learn the breaststroke, underwater swimming and do 16 laps of teh big pool.

Top Gear decent.

Civ 4 decent. Chk out Deepak blog for a more thorough analysis.

Oh and Manish wedding coming up …


For want of something to do …

Employment and Joblessness go hand in hand. -Captain Obvious

The quality of BC is directly proportional to the number of people. -CeG <oBelIX>

I tried to come up with something profound

I tried to come up with something brilliant

I tried to come up with something extraordinary

All I got was this :((.

Rather short post this. Read Halleys post on joblessness. Realized that he is truly right. Now to avoid proverbial joblessness some of the rather more enterprising chaps have decided to pop over to home for unsuprisingly long stints. Owing to certain constraints I am not one of them.

Now, since these chaps are home, it tends to increase the amount of joblessness i.e. boredom in the rest of us. So, the couple of us that remain are eternally jobless.

Apocalypse went ahead and downloaded two games that seem decent. Still have to go through them properly.

Had a reunion-ish yesterday, Great fun.

Saw the prestige. Very good.

I want to play football.

The republic day evening function was awesome. gg cultural council or whoever did itl.

Picasa2 rocks.

I wonder why I am surprised at my utter lack of creativity …

Of IJCAI and moocows

Dont (re)download crap. -CeG<oBelIX>

GC is not like BC. -Manish Jain describing someone ….

They are taking only the cream. -T3

He is a pain in the wrong portion of the anatomy. -A good friend

This is more of a for my info post. Nothing major has been happening. Paper got accepted as a poster. Attended IJCAI. IJCAI rocked … well worth attending. Very good food. Some nice papers. Talked to some very smart people.

Actually, wanted to write a lot more but don’t really feel like it. Rather bored nowadays so finishing projects. Trying to fix dc++ … enabling wireless to wired connectivity seems like a bigger pain in the ass than anticipated.

The net was blazing fast during the holidays. Now that everyone is here it has reverted to its pathetic slow state. And some <insert appropriate expletive here> people are redownloading crap and wasting bandwidth.

Anyhoo, I found the word moocow on a website. Since they were not kind enough to post the meaning of the word and I could not infer the meaning from the context (did I mispell meaning?) I am hereby defining the word.

Moocow – A cow that does not moo.

Everybody please link to this post citing it as the definition of moocow 😀


PS1 – This is the beginning.

PS2 – DoTa boring again

PS3 – Need new game

PS4 – This is the end of the beginning.

PS5 – Happy Feet is good

PS6 – This is the beginning of the end

PS7 – Apping phase 1 complete.

PS8 – Illusionist is good

PS9 – Blood diamond is ok

PS10 – This is the end

Of Universities …

Score does not matter. -CeG <oBelIX> (on a score of 2 / 14)

In a group of people there will always be one jackass who doesn’t remember the embarassing story forcing it to be retold. -CeG <oBelIX>

Lately, I have been looking at applying to various universities. This process is a major pain in the rear end of the body (more commonly referred to the ass). The first thing that you have to do is write a SOP – Statement of Purpose. (Note the similarity to SOB which is an expletive you will use quite often while writing the SOP). Then you gotta tailor the resume to match the university. After that you’d better hope the grades get released on time and the courier gets there.

I am at stage one – writing the sop. This must be the only time when it would help being a narcisist. It is not exactly easy to write one…. plus the constant nagging uncertainity does not help.

Anyhoo, played a little dota yesterday.

Tipo outstudying everyone. He has invented a new data structure called BEEPS – B.Tree Heaps – an extension of his previous data structure TREEPS – Tipo Heaps,

Agni v. Aakash bball match was good. Anand “Shamanth” Vasudev played quite well :D. So did Arun. The turnout was very low, compared to when we were in first year … pretty much the whole of ug1 had come then.

Coming Soon: The one difference and many similarities between Anand and Shamanth.

Played age the other day. Post Imp DM. Got swept very quickly … was spared the defeat courtesy of an out of sync.

New LUG admins

Restarted stumbling.

Got a honourable mention for BTP posters. Am expecting great honours at the farewell
Birthday coming up – need suitable excuse for avoiding bumps – Any excuses should be emailed with the subject – URGENT: This may save your ass

I want to goto UIUC or MIT (It doesn’t hurt to dream a little)

Grawl and Vamsi Krishna opened the placement innings.

Saw two movies. Both Okay – Lonely hearts and something else.

Whose Line rocks.

Eventually we are all going to die.

ACT – A Conspiracy Theory

There is a fine difference between unemployment and joblessness. -Vishnu Modi

Boredom is overrated. -CeG<oBelIX>

Good things to give to me this birthday / christmas / <you really dont need an occasion for giving> : a PS3, a WII, an XBOX etc … -CeG <oBelIX>

I have never been a fan of conspiracy theories. Of course, the fact that I could not think any did not help much. Anyhoo, I came up with my first conspiracy theory. It’s not exactly what I would call original. Actually, its not even in the same zip code as original.

I used to watch a lot of cricket at home. Hence, there is still a piquant interest in the blessed game. My conspiracy theory is simple: Someone was match fixing. Now we will see a dramatic set of Indian victories culminating in India winning the series. The fact that Rahul Dravid falls sick so comfortably only means that he found out about it and refused to be a part of it. (I know the theory has many loose ends but lemme have my two bits of joy).

So, when you see the crowd thin at the television on an India SA match
day, well before time is up it means that we are in big big shit. It also means that my magnum opus of Conspiracy Theories is in big shit too. However, I am still trundling through these last few waking moments under the hope that HB Singh will win it for us. (and save my theory). (If someone tells me that he is not playing then …)


PS – Fauji accuses me of copyright violation. How evil is that.

PS1 – Booshi kicks too hard

PS2 – TOEFL soon. Life not rocking.

PS3 – It is a rumour that we loose to the non-IIITians in dota.

PS4 – Tipo is already working on Honours Project 2. Someone please kick him.

PS5 – I want my own satellite so that I can access the net a lot faster

PS6 – Did you know: Overrated means make too high an estimate of. Underrated means make too low an estimate of.

PS7 – Baba’s last few posts were awesome. Halley’s last post was also very good. I am, of course, trying to maintain the average here. (pun intended). If you did not get the pun then you are Anand Vasudev.

PS8 – There were more PS’s in my head. They have gone out for a walk now. They will be back later.

PS9 – The last PS was initially PS3.

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of GRE, Universities and Life

Manish Jain can be made chinese by changing one letter aka Manish Jian. -CeG <oBelIX>

You know you have seen too much whose line when you can recognise the chics behind Drew Carey. -CeG <oBelIX>

This is one of those status update type of posts. Yeah, I know that I said I’d write about the horrors of Kasautii but that post seemed very crappish. So in short, Kasautii Sucks. If someone makes anti-Kasautii T-Shirts, I’d buy them.

Have been looking at universities to apply. Its one of the most mundane, boring processes in the world. It just sucks. The probability of going out seems bleak. Yet  Manish Jain’s optimism is like the light at the end of the tunnel.

Some goddam hillbilly checked my Analytical Writing paper.  I managed a 3.5 The Chennai Chaps all managed 5+. English is always the screwing. Horrific history with testing the bloody language. My English just does not suck enough to justify the type of marks I have got in it.

ManU drew with Chelsea. After pwning the first half, they kinda lost steam in the second. Chelsea were all over the place (except they didnt have much goal bound action). IMHO, ManU need another good CM.

Was playing bits of CS. Thats also stopped courtesy of placements. Of course, that was when I was pretty much in lab all day due to non-functioning wireless.

The inability to connect to wired LAN on DC is pissing me off. Most irritating … am going to do something about it (as soon as this univ thing calms down).

Finished Cog Sci Paper. Took a while. Hoping to get an A.

Going to work on GGP this sem. Seems interesting. Will pwn if we win.

Have a reasonably light sem (as soon as the univ thing finishes).

What a crap post, My apologies …

U.M.Rao Jaan

Sanity is easily lost when enduring 2.5 hours of a darn slow hindi film. -CeG <oBelIX>

FeatherSleep – Sleeping so awake that a feather will get you up. -CeG <oBelIX>
Whenever I go home, I usually eat a lot, sleep a lot and read a lot. To elucidate the above statement (Yes, my English deteriorates considerably at home), I also blame the cable operator a lot, catch up with my friends a lot, play “chase the dog’s tail” a lot, and curse the computer which I am using a lot.

Actually, I am writing this post on a laptop. My hand keeps accidently touching the touchpad. So it keeps clicking randomly on the screen. Besides, I cannot find the end / home keys. And its kinda dark here. So please bear with the horrendous grammatical quality of this post.

One of the constants of home is that my sister takes it upon herself to inflict every form of torture. She accomplshes this by making the whole family go out to Hindi Movies. Earlier, some of these films were quite bearable. We saw Main Hoo Naa, Raincoat etc … which were quite good. But lately the trend has been to go see movies that are … well … to say the least … downright boring. The current incumbent (Okay, so you have to bear with the litetoray quality of this post as well) Umrao Jaan was choosen over my suggestion of seeing The Departed.

First things first, Aishwarya Rai rocked in the movie. If you had too describe her in three words they’d be pretty darn awesome. She really acts her socks off. Probably the only reason any sane man would watch the film. The first half is so atrociously slow that when the interval arrives you’d go “Oh Thank you god”.

The second half is quite decent. Overall, its a movie with female lead protagonist. Its a sad movie. It does not have a happy ending. Its an art movie, so you can pretty much be sure that it aint going to be the Block Bluster of the Year.

For a change, I haven’t been given much of an opportunity to curse the Cable Operator. In earlier times, whenever I’d come home, there’d either been no Star Sports during the F1 Race, or no ESPN during the ManU match. There’d be one movie channel (when the other one is showing the interesting film). Star world would come with a lot of white static. This time around, I am pleasantly surprised. Everything is in order, and I have already seen reruns of Chelsea vs. Some Club, Arsenal vs WHU, Liverpool vs Reading etc.

There’s also been about 4 months of “The Economist” to read at home. Ever since the subscription to “India Today” finished, “The Economist” is the only magazine that arrives at home. Its a pretty decent magazine. Nice English. Anyway, today I finished the last unread issue. So, from tomorrow onwards, I guess its back to re-reading Asterix, and Calvin and Hobbes for the umpteenth time.


PS – waiting for the weekends matches

PS1 – Everyone here already applying. Have some work to do.

PS2 – Nothing good comes on Star Movies / HBO during the day

PS3 – Why is each PS spilling across the line?

PS4 – Oh that one did not 😀

PS5 – Worried about cog sci paper

PS6 – This is the end

If you are bored ….

The difference between xams and xmas is just one letter. -CeG <oBelIX>

Two blog posts in a day. That has got to be some kind of a record. Especially after a huge while of inactivity. So, the point here is what do I write. Given the lack of material, and the lack of ideas I pretty much have nothing funny, humourous, innovative, thought provoking to say.

However, this post does have its merits. During exam times, especially when people are preparing I like to have something fun to do.

  • You can’t watch a movie because a movie will take a few hours. And at the end of the movie there’d be this feeling that you wasted waay too much time.
  • You can’t watch a show like OTH or something because there is nothign new to watch
  • You can’t go and play CS / Dota because no one will come to lab
  • Playing in the lab means going to the lab and mostly you dont feel like that
  • Sleeping also takes up way too much time.
  • Very few people online for chatting purposes

The ideal thing to do is to read a blog post. The problem with this is that there are very few people who blog during exams. Studious chaps like T.Prashant dont write. Ultra studious chaps “whose blogs would be fun to post insulting comments on” like Manish Jain have posted only one post. The Chennai Chaps like Wooster, Anand, and Bobo-RAM do not blog. The fun to read bloggers like Gokul and VVHB have been hibernating for a while now. Amd one daily dose of VBH philosophy is more than enough. Of course, Mythalez has resorted to beautiful poems instead of accounts of life in the UK. (I dont like poetry a lot …). So, this post is sort of to make up for all that is missing.

The second most ideal thing to do is waste time on orkut. Generally exam and holiday time is when I am most active on orkut. Sometimes even posting 3-4 scraps in a day. (to the same person).

I just saw the vertical scroll bar. And I was worried about having nothign to write. And I can see some PS’s as well. Wow …


PS – they are knocking off Saddam Hussein

PS1 – Manish Jain is playing NFSC … A new era has dawned

PS2 – This is the end

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