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Le farewell

Cowardice: Dying in place of someone you love so that you won’t feel the pain when you are gone. -CeG <oBelIX>

GG UG3. Thanks. -CeG <oBelIX>

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away ….

I do not know why I typed that. Anyway, I have been having very weird epiphanies. My dreams at night are unlike any at IIIT.  The epiphanies part is probably highlighted by the first quote. The dreams I will describe later – I guess I will need the canvas of an entire post to paint the picture.

This post has been a long time coming. Forgive my laziness but life was just too good to bother. I did read blogroll though. And thanks to Turbo for the FP (IIITLANBrowser) plugin – I got an A in LP and Cog Sci – yahoo.

UG3 did a good job with the farewell. It started on time – or as near as it can get in IIIT :D. I still don’t know why the photographer did such a botch job of the photos. It really escapes my mind as to how those rather irregularly regular clouds got there. I was rather disappointed that Prof. Kamal was not there. I guess he must have had some rather important work. Anyway, there were three speeches. Pinki went first – a highly watered down placement’s speech. Extremely concise, accurate and politically correct. Raja spoilt the whole IIIT-hyphen-H joke :grr:.

Mangla was next – and his speech said all that needed to be said. Without mincing words :D.

Kritika (I am taking a wild guess here) introduced me with waay too many accolades. I’d promised to put my speech here. but I do not have a soft copy with me I will post all that I can remember of giving the speech.

Good Evening. blah blah yada. IV IVYada blah blah. We rock. Blah Yada Blah. Insomnia. Blah Blah Blah. Aziz. Blah Blah Booshibhai Booshibhai. Blah Blah. DF. Blah Blah Blah. Gaming. Yada Yada Yada. DC. Yada Yada Blah. Thank you.

Anyway, from what I’ve heard, people liked the speech. Obviously this means that the people who did not like the speech aka the majority is not telling me this. Don’t be afraid – I really can’t do anything to you. However, I did mean what I said and it’d be nice if there is a DF, a strong gaming community etc still in IIIT when we have our yearly alumni meet or whatever.

The food was okay – but frankly very few fourth years were looking forward to the food. The informals – which a few of us were afraid would be rather boring – totally kicked ass. I laughed my ass off when Tipo had to answer his questions.

Joy: Why do you act funny in front of girls? 
Tipo: Arre, kya karein, kuch kuch hota hai.

At that time, Tipo had everyone laughing – probably was feeling pretty confident. However, then came the sucker punch.

Joy: Why do you act the same way when in front of Aziz?
Tipo: <mumbles> <stumbles> <acts funny> <bulbs> <looks despairingly> What to do, kuch kuch hota hai. Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.

Also, congratulations to Shamanth and T3 for ____________. Congratulations to Sriram for Fatte-pur-Sikri. And it was sad we could not have Manish answering the “Why he is called Pinki?” question – he had a bad stomach.

After all this, we went for the final treat. Anand had been incharge – he did botch it up by underestimating how *hungry* we would all be.  Tipo, vishnu, sid were too tentative – probably it was the looming train journey ahead – they did not want to eat too much. Manish was periodically clutching his stomach and making grunting noises – much unlike a pregnant woman. Anand, Monga and I tried to finish whatever little was left. Even Peesu came up two floors looking for food – Pissinary Portal Player Peesu – I cannot believe that. Saala, kitna khaayega. The bit after that rocked – was a lot of fun.

By noon, all of us had left. Some on the batch trip, a few went home and beyond, and a couple stayed back to finish a little bit of work.


PS: Life good.

PS1: Manish USC.

PS2: Tipo Georgia Tech

PS3: ManU v AC Milan – hoping to catch a replay …


Of Manish (sister) wedding

It took a very long time and a lot of effort to write this post.It is ~3000 words and takes five pages in 12pt Times New Roman (w/o the pictures).  So if you are reading it read it with a hint of seriousness. It is not a total BC post.

Sometime in February there was Manish’s Sister’s wedding (Hereafter, to conserve space it will be reffered to as Manish‘s wedding). To be precise it was in the middle of February. This post is an attempt (albeit an incompetent, incomplete and tad nincompoopish attemp) at chronicling what exactly happened. This is a rather long post but I do hope its been structured well and I haven’t forgotten the little fun things that made the trip so much fun. Hold your cursor over the pictures to get a better image. WordPress is screwing the images :((.


The factual accuracy of this post is beyond reproach. No offence meant for all Kanpurites.


Stage 1: The planning

Democracy just does not work. -Anand V

We decided we were going a long long time ago. Almost as soon as Manish announced his wedding. Now, it’s already February and we are all procrastinating. Most notable is CSB whose indecisiveness nearly led to a major catastrophe. Anyway, we finally get tickets on some train. Anand decides that we all should see Delhi and Agra as well. However, knowing full well that there was nothing much to see in Agra some of us decided to skip the Agra part. So, finally it was decided that IV, Aziz, Sriram, Anand, Monga, Sid and Tipo are going. The itinerary was that me, sid, monga go straight to delhi, and then Kanpur. The rest jump off at Agra and visit Delhi the next day and come to Kanpur one day after us.

Stage 2: The Journey

14 hours before departure: We are still wait-listed. Monga busy scaring everyone saying that we would probably be sleeping in toilets and what not. Aziz not believing that it would be cold. Aziz having extreme difficulity in packing – he is using THREE bags (suit cases) compared to everyone else’s one backpack. Anyway, we go to Sid’s house, sleep there. Next morning we are on the train – miraculously the WL’s cleared. The whole day’s journey is uneventful. Very little BC. People reading books and what not (I finished the Mahabharat).

That night however was rather interesting. For some reason – I got the worst seat of all – The side upper with a window that does not close properly. So, the whole night I am chilled to the bone wondering when it’s going to finish. At four I am like taking a stroll at Jhansi, drinking piss-poor tea, trying to keep myself warm, strongly resisting the urge to wake up the sleeping beauties – Monga, Sid. In the morning (lets say at 5) I mosey over to the other chaps where Sriram sleeping like a baby, Tipo up and ready and Aziz shivering like crazy. He greets me with “Be****ch**, bola kyun nahin itni sardi hogi”.

Stage 3.1.1: IV, Monga, Sid in Delhi

image000.jpgWell we reached Delhi rather late in the day. Must have been 11. We went to Sid’s cousin’s house, changed and left on sight-seeing. Went first to Qutub Minar. Had fun at the ticket counter. Sid puts down a 100 and says three please. He gets back 70 bucks in change. Just then a foreigner comes, puts down a 1000 and says, in a typical British accent, “Four please”. He gets four and no change. The three of us are staring at each other and going “What the Bloody ????”. Then we see the entry fees: Rs 10 for Indians, Rs 250 for foreigners. That sign and that foreigner made the whole Delhi thing worthwhile. Next we went roaming around Delhi, saw CP and some other stuff. Saw the red fort and blah blah blah. (I have the pics BTW). It was getting late so we decided to get moving towards Kanpur.

Stage 3.1.2: A Bus Journey

Sid was absolutely against taking regular UP transport buses. We figured there was not enough time to go into the city, find a Travel agent and get luxury buses. So we got into a rather ramshackle UP transport bus. Now, as our luck would have it we got a driver who drove as slow as the fastest snail in the 10th annual drunken snail race competition. Then at around 12 he stops at Plaza Hotel jo UP tourism dwara sthapith shuddh khane ki jagah hain. Vahan pe garama garam thali hai, anda omlet hai, samosa hai … was being played again and again on a stupid ass tape. Of course we did sample some delicious anda on bread there.


Anyway, we were on our way again. Now you would expect the Grand Trunk Road to be a national highway. Atleast two laned. Without gaddas. But you would be mistaken. The road from Delhi to Kanpur is very very bad. Early in the morning, this stupid driver (at the behest of all angry passengers pissed at him driving at 30kmph) is driving at 60. Over really deep gaddas (bumps). And I have not taken a leak in 10 hours. And each time he goes over a bump my very full bladder jumps up and down two feet. Anyway after a gruelling 14-16 hour journey, covering under 500 kilometers we arrived in Kanpur where we got stuck in a jam. Of course, we ended up making Manish wait for one hour and he was very frust00 at us.

Stage 3.1.3: The Ladies Sangeet

Manish’s friendNo description of a trip would be complete without a proper description of where we stayed. The guest house where we stayed was nice. One of Manish’s dear friends lived there (in picture on left). Me and Monga after a100_0952-1.jpg short nap went to the evening function. Sid was not feeling well and missed a great event. It was a Ladies Sangeet. Now, I know, you all are like, “Yo, Bitch, We don’t care about no ladies singing“. Well, this was a brilliantly conceptualized event. It had a narrator giving a short description of the groom’s family, each of whom did a skit. So the grooms brother and his wife did a skit and so on. It was very well made. It was here we met one of Manish’s ITEM friends (right – no offence intended – this is my opinion only – the author is not liable for any damages – the author names Manish liable for the same). This was a typical North Indian ITEM doing lots of OA. Anyhoo it was one of the most memorable events ever.

Stage 3.1.4: The <Some religious ceremony whose name I forget>

After the ladies sangeet it was a religious ceremony whose name I forget. Basically as the brother of the wife to be Manish had to formally accept the groom into the family or something similar. (It is highly likely that my foot is going in my mouth here so help!!). Anyway, the most fun thing that happened was when they each had to eat laddus. The groom ate the laddu given by Manish in a civilized way, nibbling and taking a few small bites. But Manish Jain made IIIT proud. He took the whole laddu100_0955.jpg (it was a VERY VERY BIG LADDU) in his mouth and ate it in one go. Of course, there was also the wardrobe malfunction (this was captured on photo but since they were all censored by Manish we have lost it). Basically what happened was that Manish’s chunni (for want of a better word) had gotten attached to his Sherwani, so when he lifted his chunni, his Sherwani came up exposing some stuff. Anyway, the picture on the right sums up the awesomeness of that day (I will not comment on what Monga is looking at).

Stage 3.1.5: The night before the wedding

Now, this part of the story is completely true. No matter how much Manish Jain denies it. You can ask his sister for confirmation. After the function, we (Mahima didi, Me, Monga and Sid) are doing BC. She asks, “Aur IV, Manish ka yeh ******** ke saath kya chakkar hai?”. (I cannot post full details here but you can pretty much guess). Manish of course does not believe this but the point to be noted is that Mahima didi ko Manish ke kaand(s) ke baare main pehle se pata tha. Anyway, we were unable to talk much at that time. At night everyone played antakshari. It was great fun. Manish ki Mausi, Dadi, cousin etc sab log the. It was one of the most fun games of antakshari ever. Sid of course was totally useless. In the middle he was giving suggestions to me like “Shall I sing a BOYS song?”. Anyway, Manish could not help it but he expressed his hidden feelings in the choice of his romantic songs.

Stage 3.2.1: A day in Agra

we-4.jpgThis is a description of Anand, Sriram, Tipo and Aziz’s trip to Agra + Delhi. After jumping of the train at Agra they took a hotel. The biggest disappointment was that Anand was unable to see the most famous “Agra ka pagalkhana“. Anyway, they saw the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. The journey to Delhi was fun. Since no one remembered to book tickets when they landed at Agra, they had to come from Agra to Delhi in General. All came standing, pushed around and felt up.

Stage 3.2.2: The night in Delhi

They reached Delhi sometime in the night. And here is where we can all learn a lesson from the travellings of the four iiiteers. This true to life, jackassish incident brought to you by Anand Vasudev. Anyway, what our friend does is that he asks a paanvaala, “Bhaiyya, Yahan pe koi sasta vaala hotel kahan hai?”. Our group is directed to a very shabby hotel in a very chotta galli. Aziz goes in to investigate: thinks that it is a brothel and decides correctly that they should not stay there. Finally, they stayed at Hotel WestEnd.

Stage 3.2.3: The day in Delhi and The Journey to Agra

Chill machan. -Sriram A

They roam around Delhi, taking a few snaps. Due to a slight glitch in planning, they’d been in Delhi on a Monday when all touristic places were closed. However, they did roam around Rajghat, India Gate and whatnot. Now, you’d have thought that they would have learnt to book tickets in advance. Newsflash: They Haven’t. So, they go last minute looking for tickets. Get tickets in black. They are all travelling under different names. Anand manages to pull off his duplicate very well. Tipo does so-so. Aziz imitates Ramesh Bhaiyya to perfection, in a typical Bihari voice : Haan, hain. Sriram, lacking confidence just pretends to sleep.

Stage 4: Kanpur

Kanpur Sucks. -CeG <oBelIX>

Finally the gang is assembled. There is a major debate on who goes to the bathroom for “the business” and in which order. We all pop over downstairs for breakfast. Aziz desists from having some delicious makkan-malai. Sriram as usual was the last to finish. We decide to worry about what gift to get. Now, I haven’t yet started on the atrocious place that is Kanpur. You’d expect the second biggest town in UP to be advanced. But NO. It is not. It is a myriad mess of tangas, rickshaws, cows, buffaloes, sumos, Honda CRVs, crazy cops, vegetable vendors and single-laned main roads. It is not that there is no money. People evidently are rolling in it for we saw 15 Honda CRV’s (each costs 15L). The funniest part was the stupid auto guy honking at us to go fast, us honking at the rickshaw in front, the rickshaw shouting at the tanga in front and the tanga unable to move because a flock of buffaloes had decided that the middle of the road was a convenient place for a nap.

Stage 5: The Gift

The perfect idea for a wedding gift at your best friend’s sister’s wedding: A worldspace subscription. -T. Prashant

We all went out to get a nice gift. The initial idea (mine) was to get a DVD player or some appliance that they could use. Aziz was like what if they already got that. So, we went to a gift shop. That chap showed some crystal birds that were nice, some lamp-posts that were downright ugly and some chandelier like thing that made you go what the @#$% was the designer thinking?. Monga saw a device (I say device – not GIFT – device) that made smoke come out when filled with h20. He was enthralled, enraptured by the device and extolled its virtues for the rest of the day. Anyway, Tipo then hits on the perfect idea for a gift. A worldspace subscription. Unfortunately, Kanpur has only ONE worldspace store which was plumb out of worldspace subscriptions at that time. We were running short out of time. Manish was getting frustrated: he needed the car and some manpower to do some heavy work (manpower: that left sid out 😀). So, we mosey-ed over to Kanpur’s biggest market where Sid finally managed to solve his eternal battery problems. NOTE: We are short on time and we still do NOT have a gift – but Sid solved his battery problem. We split up. Me and Tipo (Yeah, the highly successful Robotics team), Monga and Sriram, Anand, Sid and Booshi together. In 10 minutes the highly successful Robotics team has covered over 2 square miles of commercial area and found the store where we get our gift. Now, again we have a major pita in what gift. Monga saw another smoke making thing and fell in love with it. Tipo and I voted for the elegant corner stand. However the rest of the chaps decided to go with some decorative piece (we do not have a picture because of low battery).

Stage 6: The Attire

On a long trip with friends someone will run out of socks. -CeG <oBelIX>

Everyone was very confused. What do we wear?? Apparently, three people had kurta pajamas. And they were looking rather elegant. Anand, as usual with his minimalist packing style had nothing to wear. (He would have never made it without my socks). Aziz was looking flattering in a white KP. Tipo looked elegant in a red KP. Sriram looked dashing in KP of an undescribable colour. Sid, Monga and I were in formals.

Stage 7: The starters at the wedding

Chaat rocks. -CeG <oBelIX>, CeG <Butcher>

100_1014-1.jpgWe all reached the wedding hall early to help with preparation. Immediately, we went, unloaded some stuff and sampled the starters. They were good. Then we stood outside for no reason and took photographs. (Anyone who thinks I look a tad jackassishitic in this photo will be kicked). Then, Aziz, Monga and I were incharge of ensuring the barat’s stopping place’s food was okay. The rest handled the work at the wedding hall.

Stage 8: The Barat and The dinner

The barat moves fast if the band-vala has someplace else to be. -Anand V

100_1018.jpgThe barat was the fastest I ever saw. It really was. The band guy had to go someplace else. There was the customary drunk in front trying to get more money. There was the little kid sitting on top going “Mamma, mujhe neeche utaaro“. There was the groom feeling damn hot in his 10 layered specially made clothing. And there was Manish Jain in a suit. At dinner we were all on duty, ensuring that everything went smoothly. After, most of the ceremonies were over we all gathered around for a group photo – every one of us. (At this point, the author would sincerely like to apologize for the low quality of this photograph. This was due to Sid who insisted it be taken by a girl who (we later discovered) he had a crush on).


Stage 9: The ceremony

It was past one. Only Sid, Aziz, Sriram and Anand stayed for the ceremony. As far as I can tell, Aziz, Sriram and Anand were genuinely interested. According to Aziz: All Siddarth did was chat up the girl he had a crush on by asking small questions that had obvious answers. These guys returned at five in the night.

Stage 10: Kiss my ass Kanpur

Kanpur Sucks. -CeG <oBelIX>

We all left the guest-house at around 10. We stopped off at Mahima didi’s and did some BC. (Yeah, not the good kind of BC, Manish’s parents were there). Then, we all (US, Manish and Manish’s Dad) went for an early lunch. I believe this picture sums up the whole experience.


Stage 11: The journey back

The journey back was uneventful. Apart from a midnight conspiracy between me, anand and tipo. Anand boldly wanted to do what no one had done before. He wanted to trim half of Monga’s moustache. Needless to say, we persuaded him from certain death. It also ended with Me and Sid catching a slight infection and sitting out on most of felicity with a fever.

If you read till here: Thanks for sweating it out through what might have been a monotonous read. Do drop a comment.

Of Hawaii, and a tag

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mister Felicity – Sriram A

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mister Felicity’s sidekick – Anand V 😀

Hamana Hamana Hamana. -Who the fudge said this

Jhaad paida hote hain, bacche ugte hain. -A good friend on trees, plankton and what not.

It’s rather expensive to goto Hawaii. I was having a look the other day.

Luftansa flies from Del – Fra – LA – Honalulu. Total time of 32 hrs. Total cost 85K.

British Airways flies from Del – Lon – San Fransisco – Honalulu – Total time of 40 hrs. Total Cost 90K

China Air: Del – Taipei – Honalulu. 53K

Air France: Del – Paris – Atlanta – Honalulu: 75K.

American: Del – Chicago – Honalulu: 63K.

Thankfully these are return fares. Meaning you dont have to hitchhike from Honalulu …  Anyhoo

The hopes are up,

The spirits high

We’re planning to go

To Hawaiiii………

Moving on, Vasan tagged me. And I’m bored enough of the p trips to the bathroom since morning to fill in the tag. So here goes:

One thing you are afraid of


Two unforgettable incidents

Getting into IIIT (I’m the fourth last chap in my batch based on AIR) and IIIT

Three books

LOTR, Hitchhiker, Harry Potter, Calvin and Hobbes …

Four beautiful women

Aishwarya Rai (deliciously stunning), Scarlett Johansen (whoop-de-doo), Monica Belucci (Ravishingly HOT) and Josie Maron (of before)

Five Fooditems

Curd, Pizza, Chaat (pani-puri and the like), Paneer, Milk Shakes, Omlettes …

Six oft used words

holy s***, damn, thoo, cha, nyaah-nyaah, hehe, hmm

Seven things awesome about me

I’m sure it’d be more fun if you chaps filled this out in the comments.

Film personalities (Eight)

Aishwarya Rai, Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson, Ehsaan Quereshi, Al Pacino, Pink Floyd

Movies nine

Bah, Stupid question but off the top of my head, in a random order – The mask, Gladiator, Raincoat, Mulan, Braveheart, Flushed away, etc etc etc

Music ten

Comfortably Numb, Lost for words, Stairway to Heaven, Only when I sleep, Lift me up, Porcelain, Bitter sweet sympony, Barso Re, Tere Bina (I’m just typing my playlist eh :P)

List of jobless souls tagged by me:


Tipo (get him back to posting)





Vasan (trying to create the proverbial infinite loop :D)


PS – Flushed away good

PS1 – Pans LAbyrinth good

PS2 – People getting admits – when’s it my turn?

PS3 – The Kanpur Expose and Manish’s MP connections coming up next.

PS4 – Sriram rocked Mr Felicity

PS5 – Someone remind me to post the Mr Felicity post

PS6 – Eklavya sucks.

PS7 – ManU v Liverpool tonite 6:15PM

PS8 – How’s about a comment eh?

PS9 – This is the end.

PS10 – There is no more

PS11 – Why are you still reading?

PS12 – Dont you get it yet?

PS13 – Holy hell !!! You are persistent

PS14 – Okay, Just one more: Kanpur Sucks.

PS15 – That’s it Folks

PS16 – I said That’s It

PS17 – Will you stop reading

PS18 – Go away, Shoo, Come back another day

How an HSSM almost screwed yours truely …

Do not take a PASS grade in an HSSM in fourth year for granted. -CeG <oBelIX>

SOP: I want to do research. For that I need a PhD. Thats why I am applying. -Anjul Patney

Khare, Boot ho ja. -Nirnimesh (from Utkarsh’s blog)

For one hour on the 30th of December I enjoyed a very unique distinction. Well, not enjoyed in particular. I was probably the first fourth year nine pointer to have managed to flunk a PCO HSSM in the seventh semester. (Rest assured: I have passed the course :D)

Now, you may wonder how that happened. As far as I know I have no idea. Anyways, it seems that a mistake was made while putting my grade in. Instead of a D I’d managed a C-. Hence I passed.

So, while I was still in the highly panicked, pseudo life flashing before my eyes mode I did the logical and rational thing. I estimated courses of action.

Best Course: There has been a mistake – All fine, no damage done except for some overwork by my heart.

Next Best Course: I did flunk the course but the prof increases my grade – Well, would have caused minor upsets and exchanges of a large number of emails.

Next Best Course: Prof does not change grade, I get course changed to a normal course and take a D – Sounds far from appealing, willingly taking a D. However it is still better than the last alternative that my troubled brain came up with me.

Course of Last Resort aka The Worst Possible Course aka This should not happen to you: I flunk the HSSM and I am not allowed to take another HSSM this semester.. Consequences –

  • I do not complete my degree requirements.
  • I end up wasting a lot of money on applying to places like MIT etc …
  • I do not have a job …

In short : Whoop de do, I am screwed.


PS – Did brilliant guess work in the OR paper

PS1 – Did brilliant screw ups in the DC paper

PS2 – Homeward bound

PS3 – Application is very hard. I think I made one mistake per application. Will write a post on application so that others don’t do the same.

PS4 – Uncyclopedia rocks. Planning to become a regualar uncyclopaedian …

PS5 – Lot of work to be done for IJCAI

PS6 – PR converges very slowly on the TREC dataset

PS7 – I thought Symantec would take more … I thought convergys would take more

PS8 – Chinese Chop Suey at Olive Gardens is a waste of money

PS9 – Finally got “Everybody Dance Now” 😀

PS10 – DoTa is incredibly boring

PS11 – Must sleep now. Have slept 10 hrs in the last 48 … by tomorrow evening it will be 15 in the last 60

The birthday post

You aren’t 21 unti your rear has been kicked so hard that you have to improvise while sleeping. -CeG <oBelIX>

Raul has very quick feet. -CeG <oBelIX>(You know who I am talking about ;p)

IT WAS the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way- in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

Now, the above paragraph is not one of mine, for if it was then I would be an acclaimed writer. However, its pretty much a shining example of how the English language should be used and not used. Anyhoo, I am trying to work that paragraph into my SOP somehow. So far I have got squat.

Have mostly apping to do. “Apping” is the new buzzword, the term coined for applying. Sent the transcripts the other day. Also ate very nice pizza for 100 bucks.

For those of you eventually planning to write GRE and go abroad please do all this stuff very early. Try to avoid last minute thingies … they almost always lead to a lot of “Holy <choose from ****, ****, crap>”.

Am finally going to finish FarCry. Pretty good FPS. Tried ceasor 4 the other day. It sucks so much that I had to avoid taking a magnet and manually erasing it off the harddrive (and peesu wanted to try it multiplayer. lol).

COming back to the birthday, Mangla displayed some very quick thinking and agility to get the **** out of the second floor. If he can move that fast during the sports meet then he might have a shot at the 400m gold. Else finally I would have got my revenge MuHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa.

Oh and another unique thing was that Manish Jain was not kicked. For the uninformed Manish Jain is the universal default in UG4.

Placements going along. Will refrain from comment until the placement committee comments.

Halleysblog is back. The incessant emails made a difference.

Halley played warcraft (For those of you who dont believe me, I have a pic).

If anyone has contacts in MIT please do tell … I’d like to go there ;p


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Of Universities …

Score does not matter. -CeG <oBelIX> (on a score of 2 / 14)

In a group of people there will always be one jackass who doesn’t remember the embarassing story forcing it to be retold. -CeG <oBelIX>

Lately, I have been looking at applying to various universities. This process is a major pain in the rear end of the body (more commonly referred to the ass). The first thing that you have to do is write a SOP – Statement of Purpose. (Note the similarity to SOB which is an expletive you will use quite often while writing the SOP). Then you gotta tailor the resume to match the university. After that you’d better hope the grades get released on time and the courier gets there.

I am at stage one – writing the sop. This must be the only time when it would help being a narcisist. It is not exactly easy to write one…. plus the constant nagging uncertainity does not help.

Anyhoo, played a little dota yesterday.

Tipo outstudying everyone. He has invented a new data structure called BEEPS – B.Tree Heaps – an extension of his previous data structure TREEPS – Tipo Heaps,

Agni v. Aakash bball match was good. Anand “Shamanth” Vasudev played quite well :D. So did Arun. The turnout was very low, compared to when we were in first year … pretty much the whole of ug1 had come then.

Coming Soon: The one difference and many similarities between Anand and Shamanth.

Played age the other day. Post Imp DM. Got swept very quickly … was spared the defeat courtesy of an out of sync.

New LUG admins

Restarted stumbling.

Got a honourable mention for BTP posters. Am expecting great honours at the farewell
Birthday coming up – need suitable excuse for avoiding bumps – Any excuses should be emailed with the subject – URGENT: This may save your ass

I want to goto UIUC or MIT (It doesn’t hurt to dream a little)

Grawl and Vamsi Krishna opened the placement innings.

Saw two movies. Both Okay – Lonely hearts and something else.

Whose Line rocks.

Eventually we are all going to die.


If everyone on orkut is 80% sexy then why isn’t there more sex happening? -CeG<oBelIX>

This is the pseudo traditional end of semester beginning of exams post. Course, this time with two exams its pretty sweet. The only problem is simplex and some pivot method in LP.

Malcolm in the middle is pretty decent timepass.

NFSC is out. Its a decent NFS game. I still wish they’d put in the style points. The Near Miss x5 and drafting and stuff like that …. The crew funda and canyon races are good. They should have had Josie Maron or Elisha Cuthbert … somehow I dont like Emmanuelle “Whatshername“.

Monga found this site which calculates the net worth of any website. Dont remember the link or anything. students was worth 100$. was worth 860. My 200 page was worth 18. The high point was that this blog was worth 1000+$. Pretty cool … if someone wants to buy it please go ahead. Tipo’s blog stood at 800ish. VBH was pwning at 1160 or something.

Oh and something which I think I said last year as well. J2EE sucks. Way too complicated. Way too little documentation. Anyway gg to bokaro who got it to work after aeons of hit and trial with respect to various parameters.

This is the end.

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Going to class is not a solution to boredom. -CeG <oBelIX>

Before you start getting all geeky on me, ARP has nothing to do with the Address Resolution Protocol. It basically stands for A Random Post. Kind of seems to be the in thing nowadays given VBH and Running Man Electrified’s blogs.

But, Fear Not. There will be exiguously many smileys in the post. (One of the advantages of learning GRE is that you know the meanings of a lot of words). The usage may be horrendously off but then you got to take a chance.

I gave one of the worst presentations in Cognitive Science. I figured, that with 14 slides, I’d have a heck of a lot to say. So, I would probably take a lot of time. Therefore, I spoke faster than a hampster on speed. Frankly, even I had no idea that I could speak that fast. The only good thing was the conclusion of the first section.

I figure some of you remember Raul. From the post on random conversations on yahoo. Anyhoo, his presentation once again proved that he is pretty much the king, queen and jack of smooth talking. I figure that even Wooster would have a hard time beating him.

Oh, and I almost forgot the customary jibe at VBH. He has complained of being alone early in the mornings with nothing to do. (Not much we can do there). Of course, I took the liberty of estimating just how many smileys are there in a VBH post. And guess what – there is approximately one smiley in 0.83 paragraphs. (Yes, it comes from actual Math). The method used for computing this was to find the differential of the co-efficient of textual identity with respect to the rate of change of the lengths of paragraphs and then integrate it over all his blog posts in a complex quasi dimensional dynamic pseudo random bivariant space.


PS – I do not wish to flame anyone :muhahahaha:

PS1 – Thank you for not smoking is nice

PS2 – Monica Belluci stars in Asterix Obelix and Cleopatra

PS3 – OTH is nice

PS4 – Herores pretty much sucks

PS5 – DF rocks … Join DF do iBC.

PS6 – Football matches under way.

PS7 – Have done little work this week. Plan to remedy that tonight and tomorrow.

PS8 – I ate breakfast today. 6 Dosas. Hooray.

PS9 – Turned out to be a reasonable enough post.

PS10 – Peesu lost his last two games as Naga Siren

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The maiming and mutilation of the malignant bottle green moth

The 19th of September, a bad day for bottle green moths and a very good one for the sadistic son of a whatchamacallit who programmed the GRE testing software.

The day before GRE – Monday

On Sunday, 2 days before GRE, I had done virtually nothing productive. The low point of the day had been loosing like crap to Yaar. The high point being Didier Drogba’s goal against Liverpool. Anyway, I had a lot of words in my head. It was like close your eyes and there’d be words (I wish I could draw).

Anyway, Manish incessantly large amount of studying had pretty much everyone on their nerves. Besides he had been getting consistently high scores. Very high scores. And do not take this in any negative connotation, when I say very, what I actually mean is very very very high scores.(Yes. This is indeed the last jibe at Manish wrt GRE).

On the day before GRE, I had pretty much decided that I would not study too much. I wrote a few practice tests. Was reasonably happy at the fact that if I got the score that I’d been averaging I’d be pretty happy (I just reread the sentence. WTF. Yeah, read the last sentence again). Anyhoo, all things aside did nothing much the whole day. Other than

FIFA – Wherein yaar was hammered 3-0 by yours truly. 10 minutes after a sordid, moribund first half, Van Nistelrooy scored. A brilliant through pass by Louis Saha found him unmarked just outside the Real Madrid goal. And he took a stunning shot straight into the top right corner. Rooney then added insult to injury by scoring from a similar position just 10 minutes later. And Real Madrid could not quite cope with that. The icing on the cake was Nistelrooy slotting in a penalty in the 80th minute when a Real Madrid defender committed an atrocious challenge in the box.

IHQ – InterHouse Quiz. After three years, me, fauji and arun made it to the finals. Not that we had tried any time. Each year, whenever the IHQ competition mail would come, we would sedulously go and write the prelims. This time we qualified. Of course, I used to be a way better quizzer before I came here (all the computers have sollied my brain). Anyhoo, It started off badly by GS picking us number 6, just after Supreeth’s team. Cutting a long story short we surprisingly got 3rd place … surprisingly because we made a few careless errors towards the end.

The night before GRE

The plan had been to play dota after quiz. However, due to it being pretty late, I figured I’d go to sleep. That is when “the maiming and mutilation of the malignant bottle green moth” took place. Well, not a moth in so many words, it was a caterpillar. I have no idea about its malignanceishness (yeah yeah, blogger’s licence). However, it was definately mutilated and it was definately bottle green.

Now, before you get any weird ideas that lead to me being a mutilator of bottle green moths let me explain. I do not like any insects (I use the word like in the strongest sense of the word dislike). So, I figured, the fastest way to kill it would be to drop the spare SMPS that’s lying around. (For those of you who are wondering why I have spare SMPS’s lying around there are a couple of posts that say so). I picked up the SMPS, took aim and missed hit. Well, not so much as missed as the stupid thing moving at the last second and me hitting the bottom half of it.

Anyhoo, it was not a pretty sight. Now my room had the guts of a dead insect, broken pieces of mirror, a ton of dirt, reddish brown shoes, a heap of unwashed clothes all lying on the floor.

I went to sleep. Could not exactly goto sleep. My heartbeat was 120ish. (I just counted 120 beats. Could not see the time because the lights were out and I was trying to sleep). For the first time, before an exam, I felt scared. I also felt underprepared. I also felt overconfident. Then the logician and rationalist in me went what the ****? You cant feel all that at the same time you jack***. Its a contradiction in terms.

While this tete-a-tete or me-vs-me was going on, time was flying by.  By the time I fell asleep it must have been two.

The day of GRE

This is for another post.

The day after GRE

Well, today I woke up with one thing in mind. Have fun. Oh and clean the room. So now, I sit in a nice clean room, no idea about what I should think about my GRE scores. Also, I am wondering whether VBH is going to immolate himself by stepping into a burning pyre or putting kerosene and setting it alight. I mean, I gotta figure out whether I need a bucket of water of a bucket of sand before going and telling him the score. (Yeah, I aint putting the score up here ).


PS – holy hell, how did I write such a long post?

PS1 – Flock is nice for writing posts

PS2 – Must do BTP

PS3 – Must play all new games on LAN

PS4 – Hopefully WLAN better with new room arrangement.

PS5 – Next post definately Wooster and the Weird Wacky Woohoos

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Wireless LAN : How to prove that it sucks

We all know that WLAN is sucking. There may be reasons (valid / invalid) but I somehow feel that the concerned authorities still feel that it is not “their” problem, or it isn’t slow enough to be a “major” problem yet. (Logically that could be the only explanation that accounts for the inaction – assuming that the “concerned” people are rational hbs). .NB -> hb = human being

How to benchmark WLAN’s performance

Lets make a utility. That sits in the system tray. It monitors the AP you are connected to, your signal strength, your ping time to 200 and your packet loss. Let this utility upload the data to some server. Or a webservice running on a server. We can make the methods of this web-service public.

Then, we would have some data to show that wireless actually sucks and sucks enough for the “concerned” people to do something about it.

Technically, since we all feel that it sucks, the “concerened” authorities should write this. Anyhoo, if for some reason they are reluctant then let my gre finish. I will write this utility. Or if someone wants to write it please do go ahead.