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the internet

This post is a complete fabrication. No portion of this post is true. It is intended in best of humour.

What if you were the sysadmin? And you were asked to explain why the internet was so slow. Here are some responses …
Response 1

Since we have a wireless connection, the actual throughput depends on the weather.

Response 2

Since we have a wireless connection, mobile phone signals interfere with it. So, if everyone was to stop using mobile phones we would get better speeds.

Response 3

We have implemented a dynamic load balancing algorithm at the proxy server. Any IP that is not using the internet gets priority. We are going to publish this in a reputed journal. And then you all can kiss our asses.

Response 4

Its not the problem with our internet connection. Its just that the particular site that you want to open is being DOS’d at that time

Response 5

Its the ISP

Response 6

We are running a warez / pr0n site. We are going to be floating in $$$$. So long jackasses.

Response 7

Read BOFH. Your life is way better than that.

Response 8


Response 9
Because we also like to use the internet. At full speed

Response 10


PS – If anyone has a smart ass comment please do comment 😀

PS1 – This post was inspired by siddarth ravi M

PS2 – I have not studied for a day.

PS3 – If someone can implement Ranta’s idea it’d rock.

the good life

Went swimming yesterday. As I came back the chai+samosa wala was here. Got two samosas and a tea and came back to the room. Started watching an episode of scrubs. That is when I realised, that I was totally happy. At that point of time, with JD jabbering about in his head, and me eating a samosa I felt content and at peace, for the first time in a long time.

Then, the samosas finished. The tea finished. The episode of scrubs finished. And I was dragged back into reality faster than you can say “floxinoxihillifillification”.


PS – ate breakfast after a long time

PS1 – rumours of manish having an account on various matrimony sites

PS2 – just realized I should be studying GRE instead of blogging.

PS3 – hoping for some dota / fifa today

PS4 – I did beat peesu the other day 😀

PS5 – The debut post in the philosophy category

of bad programming and stuff to do

Well, there was this new game on campus. It was called Titan Quest 2. It’s a mouse heavy RPG. Almost the same as diablo. Now, I was like “Woo-Hoo something different to play. “. It’d be like last year’s summers when we played diablo on the LAN.

Enter Reminiscing mode

(yeah, i know its kind of insipid but still, it was fun). Back then, sham used to wake up early, gain two more levels and then host multiplayer when me, neeraj, and manish would be trying to get atleast 2% of the inventory and a little bit of gold.

Exit Reminicing mode

Alas, that was not to be. Titan Quest 2 seems to be another one of those games that crashes a heck of a lot. It’s like the developers did not have enough time to finish the game fully. They just released it with the intention of fixing it all in a patch later on. And that really sucks.

There seem to be some new games on campus. ANd also, some new ones coming up. Sadly, I seem to be a little crappish on the time management scene. Have a ton of work (well it feels tonnish mostly becuase I dont do much of it).

The silver lining on this dark cloud of work is that the BTP is in a decent position. Compared to last month atleast.

And speaking of clouds it has decided to rain again. The rain is seriously irritating. I say, it rain properly for a couple of hours. It’s like the motif of July + August is “Welcome to rainland. Today’s schedule – a light drizzle thats just the right amount of irritating”.

Yesterday was independence day. (Oh Wait. It was day before). Surprisingly the guard did not wake me up at 0700 hours (that has been the tradition for the last two years). Anyhoo, I did miss season 1 (the morning show) which had Prof. PKR in a tizzy over a play. (I did not see the play). I did however arrive in time for the supposed starting of the evening show. Mostly, extremely self conscious until Neeraj showed up (I was in shorts while everyone else was in full pants).

It started off with some commentry and then there were some rather quaint plays by a few children. There was also a song by 3 kids, one of whom did not wish to share the mike with the others. Probably like Sonu Nigame (hehe, when you make it Nigame, it sounds africanish).

Then there was a play in Telegu. The acting seemed nice. Of course it was all OHT. I thought I heard some phrases like “Those sarees are not for me” or something else to do with golgappas but that was probably because I have no idea of what was being said.

The fusion was not my style of music and I left soon after.

Oh, and there was a decent dance somewhere in between. They did the entire dancing with diyas and stuff. Cudos to the guy who managed to relight his diya after it extinguished (for want of a better word … )

But, on the whole it was gg to the cultural council and whoever organized / took part in the whole whatchamacallit.

Wow !!! This has been one lb post (long + boring).


PS – peesu kumar broke his loosing streak

PS1 – some insanely trivial problem with battle.NET (:GRRRR:)

PS2 – I dont want to read.

PS3 – Ne good movies out there?

PS4 – apocalype’s blog is a nice read

PS5 – could the internet get any slower?

PS6 – Have seen most of scrubs again.

PS7 – I need a disguise 😀

the rain

There are two reasons for writing on the rain :

1. Its been irritating us all to such an extent that we are frustoo.

2. Its extremely boring …

3. Everyone is writing on the rain.

ok. so the final verdict. it should stop raining asap so that we can do something … (dota / bf2 / btp / something)

Anyway, the rain does bring out some funny pictures …

Look at bond bhai (thx for the lunch the other day)


And the placements secretary (this picture does not do full justice to his gunda’ish looks)


Oh, and yours truely can be seen roaming around with shorts and a dilapated, dusty, brown coloured half – sleeved sweater …

Abbulu can be seen showing off his various tattoos (I dont know how many he has …, I am just generalizing)


The rest of the fellowship was not available because they had gone to Middleware class (the unbeliavably oblivious to environmental condition type jackasses)

HalleyJi and Spawn were still sleeping at the time of this post.


PS – two posts in two days … a new record for number of posts in a semester

PS1 – “Can halley not be jobless?”

PS2 – SKP can be heard cursing the rain … please come to obh 193 to hear his duclet voice ;p

PS3 – gg WLAN … it hasn’t died while i wrote this post and uploaded 3 images. thats got to be some kind of a record for how long wlan has been up continuously

PS4 – Unknown People were seen messing around with laptops and weird thingies with antennae. (I have photographic evidence)


Dont believe everything you hear on chat … here’s why

<me>: you there?
<raul>: bol
<me>: kuch nahin
<me>: was just testing new feature of yahoo
<raul>: wat… u were testing the buzz
<me>: no …
<me>: its an improved client
<me>: it ensures that communication happens in realtime
<me>: with encryption so that others cannot read this message
<raul>: okk..
<me>: do you have a pentium or an AMD?
<raul>: AMD
<me>: ahh …
<me>: even better … AMD to AMD features better encryption
<raul>: 3200+
<me>: similar processors you see
<raul>: the encryption is processor based ???? strange
<me>: it depends on the instruction set. AMD has SSE … and pentiums have their own thing (i forget what)
<raul>: okk..
<me>: chal thanks man …
<raul>: AFAIK the OS usually hides the details of the processor frm programs rite..
<me>: yeah, it does add a layer of abstraction but you can usually tailor your program for a processor
<me>: try this out … if you run mplayer it will say “compiled with runtime cpu detection”
<raul>: okk…
<me>: and it gets CPU flags with the special instructions that are supported by the processor
<raul>: ohh..
<raul>: sahi hai…
<me>: anyway yahoo is also doing a similar thing
<me>: cool naa …
<raul>: thts nice.. we cn finally expect messengers to crash less..
<me>: yeah …
<me>: chal thanks man
<raul>: netime.. bbye

PS – yeah … raul is the striker for real madrid ;p

PS1 – this actually happened – ask aziz

PS2 – try it out sometime, its kinda fun. i actually expected raul to figure it out when i said “communication happens in realtime”

PS3 – tipo responded to this with “_||_”

PS4 – i attempted this on “a guy with a palindromic name” who replied with only yeah and kewl.

PS5 – Srikanth Cherla could not be reached. Otherwise it would have been a lot of fun

PS6 – Kinda reminds me of the time when we were chatting with arun from shamanths account. That was hilarious.

PS7 – no one else on yahoo responding

PS8 – i am supposed to be doing gre right now 😦

the resurrection of bf2

Yes, ladies and gentlemen … (dunno how many ladies are reading this ;p)

But bf2 is back. Hip hip hurray. For the uninitiated and out of touch (way way way out of touch) bf2 is just about the most intense game in the world. And its back in a brand new flavour ala Bf2 special forces.

So, come on, join the part-ay … Yesterday’s games were quite intense. Special forces has a lot of cool stuff. (Dont have time to write a full review). Oh, and could someone tell Mangla and Trappi that bf2 is back. (Yeah, i know, Mangla plays(ed) well).

Oh and I think ug3 must have gotten new pc’s (decent pc’s). If thats true, then seriously you gotta give bf2 a try. We’ll try to also setup an account server so that we can play over different subnets etc (or if the sysadmin’s could be kind enough to enable UDP broadcasts we’d be able to fool the game into thinking we are all on one big subnet).

Oh, and one more thing … yesterday I came across this puzzle. Its fun to do :D, I ended up wasting two whole hours 😦 .


PS – post inspired by Saki

PS1 – DoTA is fun

PS2 – Shamanth is evil. He makes people stop bf2 in the middle. Lets all kick Shamanth.

PS3 – Must finish configuring 14.6 …

PS4 – My todo list is huge …

PS5 – Urghh !!! Classes !!! Dont wanna go.

PS7 – I got a new keyboard 😀

PS8 – slogging seems to have died a premature death. Need to revive it. The next post may be on “The huha-ness of tipo”. (Assuming I can find the stupid ass draft).

PS9 – have you read this?

PS10 – WTF wrong with the israelis?

PS11 – Had excellent dinner yesterday. Quite pleased.

PS12 – BTP going forward. Sucked at writing python code at first. Now am getting back into the groove.

PS13 – Woah, 13 PS’s, and I wasnt even trying 😀

the movie, the moon and the IIIT

after a long time I saw a movie.

and I know you are not exactly waiting with baited breath to listen to the title of the movie. Most of you must be going “Yeah, so friggin what!!! You saw a movie. Big Deal. Go stuff a lemon” and that kind of conversation.

therfore, hence and without further ado I will say I saw taxi 9211. And will review it in one line so that you dont continue to go about saying above mentioned stuff. Its a decent film with some shreds of a plot. Decent acting by John Bhram and Nana Patekar.

Spoke to my Dad the other day … video conferencing. He was (whats the word I am looking for) appalled at my unkept hair and unshaven look. Most comments directed at me ended with some reference to Mullah / Afganistan / Osama Bin Laden. So I decided to shave. And now I look as dark as the moon without the pockmarks and with a weird haircut

Of course, for some strange reason labs are going to be closed. So far there have been no protests recorded. Only a meeting in which the CC (campuslife chaps) were told about the BC (bijli cut). And the new sysadmins seem to be having a dekko at stuff they should let live. So, basically the question that we have to ask is why?

and what do we do about it? Of course, if this type of stuff continues then we will soon be living in a very dictatorial type of IIIT (am I the only one noticing this?). What we need is an underground resistant movement type of thingie? Once it is big enough we will surface. We can probably ask sumeet g for ideas … maybe give some rasta rokos or do a human chain …

But all that stuff is way in the future. First like any good underground movement we need a leader. So, I nominate tipo. (yeah, the guy who blogs in python and sits in CDE and works in linux all day and is the geekiest guy on campus). Other nominations include manish jain (the guy who lives by pink() and is afraid of water). Bokaro and MSAR (there is no way in hell you can guess who this is).

PS – did you guess who PJN is?? I am afraid the description isnt descriptive enought

PS1 – Arun’s b’day was somewhere near here so this post is dedicated to him (hee hee).

PS2 – Havent seen vasan’s new haricut (tyop – meant haircut)

PS2.5 – I need a haircut
PS3 – Damn the 10 million insects that are biting me each night

PS4 – Skype rocks

PS5 – The next post on Harish Baba and his quest for the ***^^#^$&*$*# (*$*&&^^@^___(())**#

PS6 – hopefully

PS7 – Will lunch be good today?

PS8 – football – its fun

PS9 – read fauji’s blog

PS10 – unable to come up with creative stuff – like the cs football thingie

PS11 – am getting late

PS12 – who holds the record for the most PS’s?

the water cooler and the absurd software

we got a new water cooler. at the first floor I mean.

actually this is kinda old news. but anyway the water cooler works real fast. so gg water cooler.

so, i was writing this piece of code. which worked fine on my machine. and it was written in a very nice and clean manner. elegant code i’d say. however, the one day I decide to have some fun, play some football etc is the day when everything goes kaput. seriously, by now you’d think they’d build operating systems such that software written on one machine works on another machine without the developer needing to be there.

that would be the reason i am blogging at this very early hour (hey!! I woke up a heckuva lot earlier and rushed here).

In other news … we didnt goto ESWC. DTA had the worst possible luck in which they played tm and train. NTT lost to ABC in the second round (or so i have heard).

Software Engg. scripts etc to be shown today at 1100 AM not PM as I originally thought necessitating another trip up and down. :grrr:, I’m getting frustoo now.

Seriously, stupid software

oh and we went to ohri’s again. awesome food. gg sid.


ps – hoping hoping for an a- in wdm. technically i need to go and discuss my paper … correction was blahish

ps1 – i am really sleepy …

ps2 – waiting for anand

ps3 – fauji blogs at

ps4 – mouli found a game called trackmania or dragmania or some such shit. need to give it a shot, looks like fun

ps5 – did i tell u i was frustoo?

the best and worst of 2005-2006 – II

Continued from last time …

Come January cometh the new year. Wanted to write a post on wishlists and resoulutions. The problem was that no one would get me anything on my wishlist (each item cost close to 10K) and I would not follow those resolutions. So screwed that post. Anyway, what I did write about was the inauspicious start to the new year with "PC woes". Then, I fell sick. Then manish fell sick. Went and stayed with Manish at the hospital for two nights. Those two nights taught me a bit abt life. Also, had interesting conversations with MOnga at the hospital. We talked about all sorts of stuff while Pinki rested. There was a post on the morning. Anyway, this was when there were BTP woes, wasnt even sure of what the BTP is when the first report was due :O.

In february we had felicity. There was a small post on that. (Techfest co-ordinators for next year shd talk to either manish or me. they will do a much better job then). There was also the humiliating losses in CS. Thats when it became clearer (note the use of the "er" form) that CeG may not become the best again. Forked the "CS Reporter". This was about the time I started stumbling. Near total waste of time. Then was the best post of the blog.The most insane post in terms of effort and work. The most commented on and the most read.

The definitive guide to CS – The Who’s who

After that there was a post on an interesting project idea in my head. Sadly no one was interested. 

In march I took part in IOHC. Organized by IITK. That was a fun competition. I actually maarofied a night out for that. Also that was when bunglebot (v2.0) was demoed in  RnD. (RnD was scheduled on the wrong day IMHO 😦). Then the most creatively genius post ever. It was awesome when I wrote it. There was a brilliant breeze. I kinda felt like Frankenstein creating Frankenstein.

CS and football

March ended with exams imminent. In a vain attempt to get people to get back to dfing I wrote abt flaming (this is a nice read)

April started off with a post on how bored I was. Then was the post about the exams wherein I decieded to actually see whether writing a lot would help in STS. If I get an A in STS then I may / may not be appalled. Answered a tag from spawn. Found a link to a great post at an awesome post.

Blogged quite a bit this month. Wrote about the ideal schedule which infuriated Sid, and he came up with a much worse schedule. THen there was the highly geekish post on Listviews. Then I finally compiled my todo list. On the 11th of May I reached nirvana. (the day when SE grades came out). I realized that grading is random. There was a post on Unicode and Internationalization. which if you havent read you should read. It may help you out at some point of time in life. Finally there was a post on dota.

This concludes the two part series. Blogging provides an interesting way to look at how your year went. seriously … this has been one weird weird year. 2nd year was way better. Atleast it was nice and stable. 

PS – you ay have noticed – my 'm' key is giving trouble again

PS1 – epiphany rocks. its quite fast. stupid ass sagar, because of him no firefox :grrr:

PS2 – Sumeet G's insane dedication to anti-reservation movement is amazing. I applaud his efforts. gg sumeet g

PS3 – breakfast sucks

PS4 – phanto lancer is a good hero for dota 



i realize its a pointless waste to study for courses.

better off doing stuff that you like to do.