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Of Books and Movies

Yossarian Lives. -Joseph Heller

Over the course of this short sojourn, I have read a few books and seen a couple of the rather crappy hindi movies.

Catch 22.
This is one of the best books ever written. It is insanely funny. It is witty and sarcastic. It is not the type of book that is hard to put down. Infact if you put it down you wont pick it up again. It is hard to read – and you have to read every single word to realize the genius, appreciate the beauty (etc). It is also the most random book I have read, it does not follow a strict timeline – its kind of like Memento (or the other film in which random stuff happens randomly). Leaving all that aside, it is still a brilliant read …

This is a very different book. It is composed of a series of emails within the employees of an advertising agency. It has tiny twists that are extremely well thought of. It also has some dilbert type situations. Overall its very funny – esp in the way it is presented.

Lord of the Rings
I finally read the whole of the lord of the rings. Though the movie is perhaps the best adaptation of the book that could have been made, the book is still a very good read. The parts they screwed up in the movie (Frodo’s journey :D) are the best parts to read in the book. Also, a lot of stuff happens which is just not in the movie (for lack of time). Anyway, after reading the book, you can only just appreciate the genius that is JRR Tolkein. Plus you see the movie in a whole different way.

Namaste London, Spiderman 3, <the one whose name is not worth remembering>
I saw three movies in the cinema. All in the name of going out with the family and all. All CRAP. Total waste of the admission fee.  In general the following applies – There is no story. The acting is shoddy. There are some parts of the movie(s) in which you will just put your head in your hands and ask “Why God? WHY?“.

The rest in another post – Till then – Ciao.

Stranger than Fiction

I have done this only once before. One of the few benefits of a blog, a computer with an internet connection and a movie is that once in a while, you will watch one of those fine-ass movies and have the ability to write what you feel at that time.

So, I saw this movie, “Stranger than Fiction”. Now, I don’t usually go about good-mouthing movies, infact I rarely do so. The best movies manage would be a mention in a PS tending towards 10. However, this film deserves more. It is one of the finest pieces of cinema I have seen in a while.

I think I am being a tad hyperbolic. I had figured the next blog post was on Kanpur. If not Kanpur then on Felicity. And given the recent thumbs down from MIT I’d thought that there’d be a post bitching, complaining and in general venting frustration at the god damn cow faced hippies there. Infact I’d like to think that I was in a blue funk when I heard that MIT showed me the finger in the polite-est fashion. (which is kinda weird since I’d pegged my chances at MIT as one in a hundred).

Anyhoo, this film seems to have cheered me up immeasureably. Don’t get me wrong, its not one of those pick-me-up movies. Neither is it some titillating teen comedy that’d make you go Ha-Ha-Ha. It’s also not a solo Gladiator fighting his way through to justice saving the day and what-not. And in no way does it measure up to some of the brilliant comedies.

What it has is a story that <since words fail me here, literally, I will go with> kicks ass. Coupled with some fine performances and decent direction. It’s the type of movie that ought to win the OSCAR, be in the IMDB top 250 and all. (I haven’t checked, it might have done so already). So, go ahead, give it a shot and I’m ready to bet it’d be worth the time spent.

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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures

This is a god-awful movie. Its billed to be a comedy. However, it comes nowhere close to being funny. Its got a ludicrous plot and the acting is so pathetic that my dog would howl when he saw the film. Of course, given the title and the cast you’d presume that its going to be shitty.

Keanu Reeves proves once again that he cant act. All he can do is go like “heeeee” (<insert appropriate Keanu Reeves looking like jackass face here>). The only film he was good in was the Matrix. Of course those had excellent stories.


PS – LP done. _||_ to everyone who wanted to do problems at 2100 hours.

PS1 – Have cold / cough and all the crap associated with it.

PS2 – Nothing to do except BTP for which I have to go to lab …

PS3 – The award for the highest density of smileys in a page goes to VBH (sorry sagar but he deserves it … post after post has an average of 25 – 40 smileys).


Just a quick note. Saw the Green Street Hooligans. Unbelievable film. Seriously, I did not even know that something like that even existed.


krrish and php

went and saw krrish the other day. it was decent. atleast they have finally figured out how to get some jolly good special effects. the songs were nuisance-istical. mostly , they were a pain in the ass. oh and does anyone else think that priyanka chopra looked fat in that movie?? I thought she looked like a hippopotamus with a gland problem (ok, i know that is hyperbolae, but the calvin and hobbes strip which has that phrase is quite funny)

php was nice too. php as in phir hera pheri. but i am sure u got that. bipasha basu looked jolly good. the jokes were funny. atleast it lived up to its expectations.

speaking of expectations, the one movie which was not jolly good was fanaa. that was atrocious. i mean seriously how can one chap with a machine gun not hit a helicopter once but this lady will take out a glock (pistol) and take one shot and the damn thing explodes. i mean seriously, there needs to be atleast some level of realism.

also saw mi-3. its ok. the action is decent. of course have you seen Tom Cruise run?? he looks hilarious.

saw something the lord made on hbo. was a decent film. the quality u’d expect from an hbo original movie.

saw the untouchables. gg acting by deNiro, and Andy Garcia. Sean Connery was ok.

saw Posiedon at IMAX. worth the experience. movie was ok, but the IMAX made it a lot better.

saw It could happen to you on zee studio. nice film.


ps – this was meant to be only abt krrish and php. sadly turned out to be a review of most of the films i’ve seen over this one month.

ps1 –  registered for gre.

the movie, the moon and the IIIT

after a long time I saw a movie.

and I know you are not exactly waiting with baited breath to listen to the title of the movie. Most of you must be going “Yeah, so friggin what!!! You saw a movie. Big Deal. Go stuff a lemon” and that kind of conversation.

therfore, hence and without further ado I will say I saw taxi 9211. And will review it in one line so that you dont continue to go about saying above mentioned stuff. Its a decent film with some shreds of a plot. Decent acting by John Bhram and Nana Patekar.

Spoke to my Dad the other day … video conferencing. He was (whats the word I am looking for) appalled at my unkept hair and unshaven look. Most comments directed at me ended with some reference to Mullah / Afganistan / Osama Bin Laden. So I decided to shave. And now I look as dark as the moon without the pockmarks and with a weird haircut

Of course, for some strange reason labs are going to be closed. So far there have been no protests recorded. Only a meeting in which the CC (campuslife chaps) were told about the BC (bijli cut). And the new sysadmins seem to be having a dekko at stuff they should let live. So, basically the question that we have to ask is why?

and what do we do about it? Of course, if this type of stuff continues then we will soon be living in a very dictatorial type of IIIT (am I the only one noticing this?). What we need is an underground resistant movement type of thingie? Once it is big enough we will surface. We can probably ask sumeet g for ideas … maybe give some rasta rokos or do a human chain …

But all that stuff is way in the future. First like any good underground movement we need a leader. So, I nominate tipo. (yeah, the guy who blogs in python and sits in CDE and works in linux all day and is the geekiest guy on campus). Other nominations include manish jain (the guy who lives by pink() and is afraid of water). Bokaro and MSAR (there is no way in hell you can guess who this is).

PS – did you guess who PJN is?? I am afraid the description isnt descriptive enought

PS1 – Arun’s b’day was somewhere near here so this post is dedicated to him (hee hee).

PS2 – Havent seen vasan’s new haricut (tyop – meant haircut)

PS2.5 – I need a haircut
PS3 – Damn the 10 million insects that are biting me each night

PS4 – Skype rocks

PS5 – The next post on Harish Baba and his quest for the ***^^#^$&*$*# (*$*&&^^@^___(())**#

PS6 – hopefully

PS7 – Will lunch be good today?

PS8 – football – its fun

PS9 – read fauji’s blog

PS10 – unable to come up with creative stuff – like the cs football thingie

PS11 – am getting late

PS12 – who holds the record for the most PS’s?

create a post II

this is the second attempt at creating a post. the first one was on dogs. needless to say that even though the post looked good in my head, I could not actually get down to writing it as well. the problem as I see it is that my brain cannot formulate the abstract ideas that are there in my head. I guess its because I dont know enough english.

read a little of one of Somerset Maugham’s books. He writes well but the book was really really boring. Wouldn’t recommend it. Can’t recommend it anyway as I dont have a clue about the name.

I went and saw BluffMaster. As a rule, I usually dont see many hindi films, but my sister absolutely loves them. She also likes dimwitted abhishek bacchan, son of the Big B . Anyway, the film is a total waste of time (and 80 bucks if you are watching it in a cinema).

The WDM situation is weird. After a long time I am enjoying reading something in IIIT. Over the last few semester’s academically life has been pretty monotonous and boring. Nothing seemed to interest me. (Not completely true: MAS was interesting but after the Kamal incident I dont really like it very much). Strangely enough, I actually want to study the subject and I think that PKR is doing a good job of teaching it. (Could be partially due to me attending only 1 hr of his class in a week).

Justice League rocks. I have no idea why I am fascinated by a bunch of comic characters using superpowers to rid the world of evil. I mean, that is so cliche’d. Be that as it may, I still seem to enjoy watching it. Actually I just finished season 5 and there seems to be no more of it. Gautam Singh where are you and what are you doing?


PS – am using so many colours because I just found compose mode in blogger (a wysiwyg editor)

PS1 – konqueror is a nice browser

PS2 – patney is a jackass for going to bombay now.