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A job well done

There is infinite joy in doing a mundane job to perfection. -CeG<oBelIX>

Good Joke. -<DTA>Zaknaf3in

Okay, this post is a little late (oh and the begininning is slightly philosophical). At home, I was reasonably jobless. Dad was going out on a trip so he needed something let us say an object about 3 feet long, two feet wide and two and a half feet high. [More clues as to the identity of the object follow].Of course the dimensions are probabilistic which imply that they are subject to change depending on your perception of a foot.

Since I am the **engineer** of the family, I was entrusted the task of packing the damn thing so that it wouldn’t tear (Another Clue). If I had been a couple of years younger, I’d have said IIT prep or something and made my sister do it. However, since my sister is kinda busy, and I have become a responsible young chap I decided to approach the challenge head on.

The first problem was the lack of equipment. There was no box measuring 3 feet long, 2 feet wide and 2.5 feet high. The stupid thing would not directly fit in a suitcase or attachi. I couldn’t even saw it in half or something like that. (Another Clue). So, I had to improvise.

To cut a long story short, summarize two hours of work in a sentence, I first wrapped it in newspaper. Then put a layer of a new hybrid material BubblePlasticPolyThene around it. (BubblePlasticPolyThene – is the material made when you run out of Plastic Polythene and use bubblewrap …). All of this was held in place with Cello-Tape.

Anyway, the point of the whole story is that it was fun. And I was happy after finishing the packing. I was even happier when my Mom said that I could get a job at a Mover’s company (This does not in anyway imply that I am going to get a job at a Mover’s company. Anyone asking for a treat on this account will be lynched – unless they are bigger and stronger than me). Thus the saying – There is infinite joy in doing a mundane job to perfection. This does not in anyway imply that you keep doing mundane jobs perfectly. You’d probably get bored out of your skull with all the joy ;p.


PS – The next post on the living hell of watching Kasauti Zindagi Ki

PS1 – More posts coming up …

PS2 – Best of luck for Catters.

PS3 – This is the end

El Stupido GRE and VBH

I used to believe in transitivity but now I am not that sure.

Still in GRE prep mode. Gave a practice test the other day. Needless to say, that I will not bore you with the score. Manish still in “rock” GRE mode.

In other news, played FIFA and lost to Yaar. There is something very wierd about FIFA. I beat Yaar. Yaar beats Peesu. I and Peesu usually tie and it goes to penalties and he has all the luck. (I am hoping that all this luck will be there on the GRE day). The odd thing is that Neeraj mostly manages to beat me. Oh and Peesu thrashes Neeraj. I used to believe in transitivity but now I am not that sure.

Going back to the expectable discourse on luck. IMHO, you have a finite quantity of luck in a year. And you can ask God for it once in a while. Its kind of like a RFC except instead of comments its luck. So its an RFL. Anyway, lets just say that I have RFL’d for all the luck I presume that I have saved up over the last three years.

Oh yeah and VBH . (And I have not misspelled OBH! ). I was going to start the daily GRE prep. Then VBH messages me on yahoo. Conversations with VBH are usually enlightening. Excellent, Top notch random stuff. Anyway, he was made privy to the information cited in the second paragraph. So, suffice to say that now I have to have a bucket of water handy when I tell him my GRE score. Mostly, the reason for this post is VBH. He was noted as saying that posting is like playing with words. Which is increasing vocab. Which is GRE.

The perspicacious reader may have noticed the absence of the moribund tone prevelant in the last few posts. (Note to self – Do not change from first person to second and a half person forms of speech in the middle of a post). (Second note to self – Do not write such long asides). The reason (inane as it may seem) is related to a lady. (I am going to throw a bucket of ice cold water at chaps who think they got something to poke ridicule at me withspecifically VBH, MPJ, SRM, GNT). The lady is luck Its like JUP said, if you get Hamstring:enervate:: What the **** are you going to do?. Hence the second paragraph on the most unexplained but crucial phenomenon for a successful enterprise.

3 more days to go

PS – Yeah there are PS’s

PS1 – If you dont know GNT – its in the comments

PS2 – Must start now.

PS3 – I had breakfast. A nice breakfast. V. cheerful right now.

PS4 – Anyone who finds grammatical / spelling / <any other damn errors> in the post should leave a comment like nice peaceful people instead of bashing me up like rustic barbarous hooliganish jerks.

PS5 – Barring untoward incidents the next post will be on Weird Whacky Woohoos

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the good life

Went swimming yesterday. As I came back the chai+samosa wala was here. Got two samosas and a tea and came back to the room. Started watching an episode of scrubs. That is when I realised, that I was totally happy. At that point of time, with JD jabbering about in his head, and me eating a samosa I felt content and at peace, for the first time in a long time.

Then, the samosas finished. The tea finished. The episode of scrubs finished. And I was dragged back into reality faster than you can say “floxinoxihillifillification”.


PS – ate breakfast after a long time

PS1 – rumours of manish having an account on various matrimony sites

PS2 – just realized I should be studying GRE instead of blogging.

PS3 – hoping for some dota / fifa today

PS4 – I did beat peesu the other day 😀

PS5 – The debut post in the philosophy category