Opera and PS

by oBelIX

An opinion cannot be proved wrong in the absolute. -CeG <oBelIX>

I will make this short and sweet. Opera rocks. Uses only 50MB of RAM for 15 tabs. Firefox goes up to 180MB. On a PC with 256 MB RAM thats too much RAM usage.

Opera is quite fast. Browsing with only the keyboard is a charm.

It lacks extensions tho – Had to goto firefox to compose this mail. Have to yet check out the mail software in opera.


PS: Tipo got into UFL

PS1: My last ever IIIT exam in 13 hours

PS2: I like Fuzzy Logic

PS3: Should read OR instead of studying Fuzzy Logic

PS4: All bloggers should post

PS5: Lol @ aziz

PS6: DF Fun. Lot of people online nowadays – Sanchit, Zess, Fuzzy, Atwal, Wooster, Me, Apoc, Grawl and ORB

PS7: 25 v 25 CS – I wanna Play

PS8: People are playing monopoly

PS9: Who has scotland yard

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