by oBelIX

Some days-weeks-months ago yours truly along with a couple of other gentlemen embarked upon a tour of Espana. This is what happened.

The ride from Seville to Barcelona was by the AVE which took approximately five hours. Pro-tip: Make sure you eat. The food on the AVE is horrendously expensive and overpriced.

Barcelona is a big city. We did not stay anywhere near the center. However, it has excellent public transport. The phrase I remember most from Spanish is proxima parada Monumental – approaching station Monumental which is where we had to get off.

After pizza for lunch we set off westwards.


some dude on a horse


the spanish arc de triomphe


a postbox in Espana is yellow. if you want to send a postcard it takes one stamp of 0.85 euro that can be purchased at any tobaco vendor.

a bird perched upon the head of a charioteer


Kissing Ass

they love to get up close and personal!

The Barcelona waterfront, the beach is perhaps the most glorious beach in the world. It is full of expensive places to eat in. It is full of people. There is buzz, hulchul, activity. Be wary though, we were accosted by fake police claiming to be Passport Control and wanting to take our passports and then blackmail us. Stay on the main roads.

that is the Hilton (I think) in the background


the marina


the rest of the night was spent eating and drinking!

The next day we did the touristy bs.


The Sagrada Familia – a cathedral that is being built only with donations. The lines were incredibly long so we ditched this – if you want to go book online.


a fountain with flowers. infact this is The fountain with flowers. there is one big fountain – this is it.


another one of those cathedral thingies. when it gets hot outside and there is no Sangria around I would totally suggest getting into one of these. It’s usually quite cool inside.


walk around – there is cool stuff everywhere










the museum of chocolate. I might have gone overboard here but I did like this place.


I thought that would be a world-class photograph, the statue in the gap between the branches with the sun shining through the top. It wasn’t.

The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent at some place with multiple pitchers of Sangria.

Montjuiic – the musical fountains. must see. even if you’ve walked the soles off your feet, drunk litres of Sangria and simply want to crash


  • Walk La Rambla
  • Walk the beach
  • Drink Sangria
  • Take the train
  • Watch Flamenco
  • Walk Seville’s waterfront at night
  • Visit the Alhambra
  • Visit St. Nichols
  • Eat breakfast and drink lots of orange juice
  • Eat everything, from batatas bravas to championes to pizza to kebabs
  • Relax