Tenerife Falls

by oBelIX


A long time ago, in a land very close by, a group of merry men (and a lady) decided to walk up a mountain side.

Uthe sabke kadam...

This mountain side was wooded, covered with trees tall and green. Their trunks were all bare and rough and they sent out a vibe foreboding and tough.

Beauty of the Pacific northwest rainforest

The road swung left, then veered to the right and sometimes it went straight as an arrow in flight.

Raaste pe mod... Seedhe raste pe ye... tedhi si chaal hai... 62

Amongst them was Panda very very bold. He cantered without a thought in the middle of the road and did very little of what he was told.

The Panda in swagger :-D


In this troop of vagrant vagabonds, the mountain goat stood out. agile, spry and hiding his face, he bent over often to tie his shoe lace.

And... the "subject" tying his shoelaces... happens multiple times thru the hike :-)


The going was simple and the road wasn’t tough, except for a tree trunk in a section very rough.


The band then clambered over rocks oval and square. Scattered about here and there.

The leaders...

The panda who is a very good buddy sometimes would end up being the kebab mein haddi.

"Mere do anmol ratan"... Vasu's comment :-) IV clearly did not wish to be the third anmol ratan!

They came upon a waterfall, crystal and clear which filled MaddyD with a measure of cheer.


A little bit hence they halted, tired in stance


. “Lets do this bitches”, the Panda said in dance.

Pandey ji ke fundey :-D


They reached in a bit, the base of the falls. which they unanimously agreed were very tall.

Tenerife falls in glory!

It must be said at this time that I’m glad I’m not doing this in pantomime.

Chaaarrr spoiling my naice pic :-P


At the end, when all’s said and done

with the water falling onto their face

they all found something special

in that exhilarating place