how much worse can it get

by oBelIX

the options …

the endless permutations …

the wondering about what I am going to do …

the complications this progress internship thing could potentially add …

that is the only thing thats been going around in my mind for the past few days …

ever since the Kamal incident my will to work (if there was one) is gone …

i just end up asking myself, “Is it bloody worth it? Why not just drop honours and live the easy life?”

The other major pain in life is SE. In a way Im glad its now, atleast it will be over god dammit.

Went to library today to try to read for it. Library sucks nowadays. No good magazines. British newspapers rock. They are big and have lots of content in them. Read a good chunk of “The Sunday Times”.

Anyway the state of the SE presentation is undefined as of now. Have no clue and no direction on how we are going to blabber for 15 minutes and act for another 7. And knowing some of my beegle-eyed-cow-faced-dog-brained buddies (read “Thiruvengadachari Prashant, Neeraj Tharwani, Manish Jain”) I can be sure of a few rounds of the dreaded two syllables that are a misfortune of my infinite name (for the uninformed the last bit means I am wondering how much longer till VV realizes ppl shout IV IV and not VV VV)


PS – the IV IV bit reminded me of Neeraj’s great sacrifice for Monga. Just in case I have not written this before –

It has been many months since
this incident took place
It was like Tharwani and Monga
Doing the Saving Grace

Monga had been home you see
And absent therefore he had been
From Zulu’s class he had abstained thrice
And Zulu felt it was a cardinal sin

So there was Zulu standing like the behemoth
And Monga staring at his feet
He was wondering what lie to use if Zulu asked
Hey Internet Guy, where had you been?

This was when Neeraj intervened,
He shouted out loud, really really loud
“Aigh Vee Aigh Vee” he screamed, at the top of his voice

There was a deathly silence
The only thing you could hear
Was the muffled laughter
Of the people in the last tier

Thus that day I will remember
As the day when for the first time
A cry of “Aigh Vee Aigh Vee” by one of the best
Gave us all a good laugh

PS2 – got tagged by playboi. will do that later