grand theft auto

by oBelIX

as of now i am counting the days till i get to play grand theft auto san andreas. i just cant wait to get my hands on that game. supposed to be even better than the previous installments. those of you who dont know what gta is read on …

grand theft auto is a game in which u r a guy in a city. you can drive the cars, interact with some ppl and have to do missions to complete the game. there are interesting side missions as well, for example you can become a taxi driver, a racer a cop etc. basically the games are usually HUGE, there is always somethign you haven’t done, something to do. the last installment was gta vice city, complete with motorbikes , airplanes, helicopters, boats and stuff. there are rampages in which basically u gotta kill lot of ppl, and loads of other wacko stuff.

gta sa is supposed to be huge. where vice city was just 1 city, gta sa models an entire state containing 3 cities and the connecting highways and other stuff. its also got a personal model, ie u can grow fat / thin, ur sex appeal, ur fitness everything is measured and u can grow stronger by exercising, fatter by eating etc.

course i haven’t played the game yet, this is all from websites and ppl who have played the game. i guess i just gotta wait till i get back to IIIT.

now how many ppl know abt the japanese game called suduku (so maybe i misspelled it, go sue me). i started playing it to pass time. and that it does bloody well, i mean u can easily spend 15 mins trying to solve a nice suduku puzzle. basically its a 9*9 board in which u have to fill in the numbers from 1-9 . u cant repeat numbers in a row / column / 3*3 square. so if u’ve got time to kill and nothing to do just grab the paper and solve a suduku. its way easier than a crossword, and while not addictive, its certainly nice timepass