broadband (and happiness ??)

by oBelIX

the irony of it.

the day before I am supposed to be leaving the MTNL broadband guy shows up and installs it. so now i got really fast access to the net, but since I am going back tomorrow it doesnt matter much. course all this can be attributed to MTNL’s speedy response. It took them just 17 days to set up the broadband thing.

anyway atleast its fast (and not very expensive):D

I was thinking and …

before going back home (at some pt of time in May) I said to myself, I am going to do the following things at home

(a) sleep close to 10 hrs a day
(b) eat
(c) do no work
(d) [other stuff I do not want to list]

now 5 weeks later after proudly having done everything on the above mentioned list (and more if I may add) I dont feel gr8. I mean I expected myself to feel really happy at having completed the goals I set for myself (for the first time). sadly I dont really feel happy. actually I am not sure as to exactly what I am feeling. Its a mixture of joy and sorrow. joy cause I’ll be going back to “freedom to do whatever I want”, CZ, friends etc. sorrow cause I’ll miss my family, my dog, good food, general lazing about etc.

so what do I learn from all of this?? happiness is not really related to accomplishing ur goals. you can actually not accomplish your goals and be very happy or accomplish your goals and not be happy.

basically life’s weird and full of mysteries