world of warcraft

by oBelIX

ok this post is about 1-2 weeks late.

Finally got my hands on World of Warcraft. One of the most anticipated MMORPG’s of all time. (MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Roll Playing Game). Assuming you know what a RPG is, a MMORPG is an extension of it played with tens of thousands, maybe even millions of people online together. Other examples include – Everquest, Neverwinter Nights etc. Course the game had arrived a while back but we never tried it due to lack of people. Even now I was sceptical but we (me, trappi, sham, aziz, tharwani etc) decided to give it a shot anyway.

So first up, about the game

Its set in the warcraft universe. You can either be a member of the Alliance (Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, NE) or a member of the Horde (Orc, Tauren, Undead and one more). Within these you can either be a rogue, warrior etc … Each of these character classes has various attributes, so if you are a rogue you can be nice and stealthy, a warrior can go front and do melee damage. Depending on your character class you are spawned at a particular location in the wow universe. And believe me the universe is HUGE. Of course at later levels you can always travel using gryphon riders, ships etc …

Gameplay involves gaining levels. Levels are what seem to count. To gain levels you have to get experience which can be got by either completeing quests or creeping. Of course that isnt all. There is inventory i.e. weapons, armour, potions etc. All these you can pick up from creeps, make on your own or buy from the markets (for gold). To earn money you can take up a job (blacksmith, miner, fisherman etc) or just creep. Basically the gameplay is supposed to be great. There are spells, magic items, abilities and all sorts of nice stuff.

Graphics are reasonably good. The water, the trees etc look really good. The characters are ok, but dont look really great. The textures are nice though. Sound is not what I expected. I mean it doesnt give the correct feel at times.

Now the experience of playing it …

Problem Number 1.
There were just 4-5 of us who were ready to play the game

Problem Number 2.
We had a cracked copy of the wow game. So we could not play it properly on the internet along with the millions of others (besided u need a credit card)

Problem Number 3.
The server provided with the game doesnt seem to be great. It isnt very stable either

Problem Number 4.
Sadly we made Shamanths pc the server again. Bad Idea. What is needed is a dedicated server. Anyway maybe when I get new Pc’s in the lab i will get a 24×7 server for it.

All in all, another few thousand hours of gaming ruined due to lack of infrastructure :((