wlan ki ….

by oBelIX

finally wlan is back

it died a few days back. and life w/o lan sux ass. basic problem with wlan = it just stops working. especially in OBH (where i live).

i mean it will work fine in nbh / other less fortunate areas of the college but not here.

apparently a media access converter burnt up (or so they say)

anyway the more important question is how long till wlan dies again ???

course the one good thing that came out of all of this is a lot of time was spent in the lab. lab rox for AC, quake, warcraft etc etc etc …

finally saw sarkar. nice film. abhishek bacchan screws it up completely. Al Pacino in the godfather was way way better.


PS – get the . it updates ur bookmarks to an ftp / (some other stuff i cant remember) site whenever u close firefox and downloads from their again. hence u can syncronize and backup ur bookmarks. its really nice.