the battlefield of exams

by oBelIX

so exams again around the corner. sadly havent studied as much as the others (read Vishnu, Monga) hence am feeling the pressure. the basic problem seems to be the lack of will to study. typical day goes like this –

1. wake up by 10-12.
2. do bc / timepass till lunch
3. eat lunch and get pissed at the food (thinking that if i was back home food would be so damn good)
4. try to read networks
5. fall asleep while reading networks
6. get rudely woken up by shamanth
7. go swimming
8. eat dinner
9. play bf2
10. sleep
11. rinse and repeat

clearly there is a problem with this schedule. since its exam time I should be reading more. plus I want to play more TT and more chess. (im sucking at TT of late). The only thing that I can think of cutting down is studies (which i shudnt due to aforementioned exams) or sleep (which i wont because I need more sleep). so any suggestions on an improved schedule for the day would be welcome.

swimming going around pretty well. swam 500 mts the other day. course its all abt rhythm. sriram swimming really nice, efficient i wud say.

started watching the jeeves & wooster episodes. nice they are. watch them you must. i wonder if a whole post can be written yoda style??

have been playing a truckload of bf2. the game is amazing, easy to learn (i mean even mangla is an accomplished player). will post a full review soon


PS – sorry for not blogging. mostly due to the schedule.

PS1 – forum going well, some really nice bc going on there. chk out