create a post II

by oBelIX

this is the second attempt at creating a post. the first one was on dogs. needless to say that even though the post looked good in my head, I could not actually get down to writing it as well. the problem as I see it is that my brain cannot formulate the abstract ideas that are there in my head. I guess its because I dont know enough english.

read a little of one of Somerset Maugham’s books. He writes well but the book was really really boring. Wouldn’t recommend it. Can’t recommend it anyway as I dont have a clue about the name.

I went and saw BluffMaster. As a rule, I usually dont see many hindi films, but my sister absolutely loves them. She also likes dimwitted abhishek bacchan, son of the Big B . Anyway, the film is a total waste of time (and 80 bucks if you are watching it in a cinema).

The WDM situation is weird. After a long time I am enjoying reading something in IIIT. Over the last few semester’s academically life has been pretty monotonous and boring. Nothing seemed to interest me. (Not completely true: MAS was interesting but after the Kamal incident I dont really like it very much). Strangely enough, I actually want to study the subject and I think that PKR is doing a good job of teaching it. (Could be partially due to me attending only 1 hr of his class in a week).

Justice League rocks. I have no idea why I am fascinated by a bunch of comic characters using superpowers to rid the world of evil. I mean, that is so cliche’d. Be that as it may, I still seem to enjoy watching it. Actually I just finished season 5 and there seems to be no more of it. Gautam Singh where are you and what are you doing?


PS – am using so many colours because I just found compose mode in blogger (a wysiwyg editor)

PS1 – konqueror is a nice browser

PS2 – patney is a jackass for going to bombay now.