The one with random stuff – III

by oBelIX

If the water cooler on your floor is not working you would rather go to the floor below to fill water than the floor above. – CeG <oBelIX>

It may look like I have a lot of things to do. Actually, it is probably like that. The last I checked my things to do list was growing faster than the increasing volume of the sound of a stampede of rhinoceros charging towards you. Yes, you may have guessed that I suck at analogies. Probably explains the not so good GRE score.

Apparently, the GRE score is not all that counts. *phew* you’d think. I should have a very good SOP and some letters recommending me. Thankfully the ideal time to apply is January to March so I will procrastinate till then. Of course this was told to me by GS so if something goes wrong I will lynch him.

There was AHSSME the other day. HSSM exams have usually been the most interesting. The first HSSM (English),. I missed a grade by 0.5 points. The second HSSM accounts, I took keeping in line with the institute’s policy on HSSM’s. They should broaden your horizons I thought. They are for a break from the regular cs you study (pun intended).They are for full and complete development and what not. However, that did not go very well with either me or some of the other people who took the course based on my “follow institute philosophy” advice.

Then there was ethics. Most noted for falling asleep during the end sem and Ujwal poking me in the back saying “wake up”. In STS I decided to get an A in an HSSM. I was told that all you have to do is write a lot. So, I wrote 11 additionals. Anyway, I guess I improvced the grade from a B to an A-.

Coming over to the current incumbent. A perspective of industry and society. It has notes with sentences like time space distantiation leads to time and space being organized by the the presence or absence of. There are other very evil examples. Anyway while studying we came up with the following answer.

The chinese are very industrious. They built the great wall of china. The mongols tried to get through the great wall.The mongols employed a chinese engineer to build a big cannon. The biggest cannon was built by a turkish chap for the siege of constantinople.Constantinople was the capital of Byzantium. Byzantium was anniahlated by the turks.The turks live in Turkey. Turkey wants to join the EU. There is no hollywood in the EU. Most movies made in Hollywood are crap. Crap Bag was the name of phoebe‘s husband in friends. Friends are forever. Forever is a relative term.

And this goes on and on and on. Cleverly, by using the word industrious in the first sentence we can fool the person who is checking into believing the answer is very relevant. I am sure he would be impressed by the scope of the answer. It can be (and is) all encompassing. I think they can make this a “whose line” game.

Also, I finally found the backup of DF. Restored it and had fun for a day. For some reason the DF culture of the older batches has pretty much gone swirling down the drain.

I like Peyton. She’s kinda very cute. Yes, I am talking about One Tree Hill. Probably named after a hill with a tree on it. Kinda like the movie “The englishman who went up a hill but came down a mountain“.


PS – This is more of a practice your english post

PS1 – I just read it and it makes more sense than some of VBH’s posts on philosphical topics.

PS2 – Need a new game. Depressed that I had no clue that Caesor 4 was coming. Shame on me :waah:

PS3 – If anyone has unrestricted access to the net then host a battlefield2 server on it. Please … Pretty Please

PS4 – Sundays suck when everyone goes home and there is nothing to do.

PS5 – If you are frustrated after reading this post please vent your anger in the comments. I do not wish for any mutilation to my near perfect visage.

PS6 – Flock’s blogging tool has a bug. Do not save your post and then continue to blog. Everything will become bold

PS7 – Free gift to the 10000’th visitor. Send screen shot if you are number 10K

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