Life, The Three Gees and Dahi baingan

by oBelIX


The views expressed in this post are not exactly the author’s own. In fact, most of the content of this post has been taken from a colleague at work without his consent. He has absolutely no idea of the existence of this post. All names / places in this post have been obfuscated to prevent any measurable embarrassment to those who own them. 


Lunchtime at work is usually a rather gay affair [no pun intended]. We all mosey over to the cafeteria. Look at the “ecips ytic” counter, realize that the biryani is good and the veg. combo is as cheap as a trip to space. The “tserue” counter is serving the regular garb. There’s some paratha, some curry and some dal. So ho hum. The non-veg, well, let’s not talk about that here, shall we :D.

There is also a south indian counter. South Indian Meals counter. It usually serves a combination of rasam + sambhar + rice + salad + some arbitrary mushy-mashy looking veggie + curd. It is usually quite good.

There is also a north indian counter. A look at the menu would usually result in the phrase “His mother’s, sister’s …” being uttered by the general public. In Hindi. I am now convinced that he has a tinda / baingan / kaddu farm for everyday there is one of the three. One day, there was, and I am not exaggerating one eensy-weensie bit, “Dahi baingan, Tindly Fry, Kadi” as the curries. Dahi Baingan. I just looked at that and went “shubh maa …”, In English.

Anyway, I seem to have strayed too far. So, we’re all at lunch. The topic of the day, for some reason was “Life, The ultimate purpose, What are we here for, Ambition” etc …  (You get the gist right?). There were the regular arguments being presented. Someone brought in the whole money angle. His argument was “It’s all about money”. Someone else said, “It’s all about sex”.

After much discussion, no clear consensus had emerged. Then was the brainwave. Life was all about “The Three Gees“. Not four, not two, not 3.14151. Just Three.

So, The Three Gees, the secret to life, (and not to the universe / everything) are:1

1. Roti


2. Kapda


3. Makaan


Haha. Had you there didn’t I. Well, they actually are (Ghar, Gadi aur Girlfriend).

So, how many G’s are you?


PS: I pity the fools at 3G. They, unlike mere 1G mortals like me, have nothing more left in life