6E306 – From Hyderabad to Delhi

by oBelIX


This post was composed on a Nokia 6270 Mobile Phone. It has been copied verbatim. The spelling and grammar are deplorable. Please bear with it.

**End of Disclaimer**

Let us try mobile blogging. I am writing this from 35000 feet above sea level. I am using the phone’s T9 editor.

I am doing this because of my memory. Despite reminding myself umpteen times I have forgotten one of the most important things needed for an air journey – a book. Hence, I write, not so much to write but more to pass the time.

The lady just announced that they will be selling sandwiches for 100 bucks. And not even decent sized ones; these sandwiches are pidda, one mouthful morsels of food. Who in their right mind – especially people who are going to get home food after two hours would buy these?

Battery Low. MY mobile whines. 3 hours of GPRS on a half charged battery and its complaining.

The air hostesses seem to be a rather varied set of vagabonds. Or possibly they were vagabond-ish and have now chosen stewardessing. “Bulging Biceps” comes over. She asks if I want to buy something. Her eyes silently say – “buy something or i’ll pound your puny ass you little runt”. With my heart in my mouth, expecting a pounding not much unlike Neeraj/Mahesh giving bumps I say “No”.

PP. Pretty Parul is serving the rows in front. Just my luck. I get the WWF champion and those jerks up front get the Next miss India. Look at them ogling. Is there no justice?

Arora is totally immersed in his movie on his zen. He is on the window seat. I am on the aisle. There is a lady of gigantic proportions in the middle. [Yes, I am safe. She is napping and cannot read what I type].

The guy at the aisle seat, front and across has got his laptop out. He is watching a movie. I think it is basic instinct. Needless to say, I will keep a close eye on what unfurls there. *wink*

There are some Israeli gentlemen across. Well, they are from the middle east I guess. They seem to be engrossed in their hebrew crossword book. Nerds.

Bulging Biceps again. Giving water. Gigantic proportions near me takes a bottle. They mutter Thank Yous. !Phew!. A close shave. That had the potential to develop into an long, annoying, serious conversation.

Basic instinct guy has switched over to prison break now. Lagta hai saale ko sharam aa gayi.

There is a typical punjabi family sitting behind me. They seem to be


And at this point the battery ran out and my phone died.

PS1 – Next up – a full review of saawariya

PS2 – Home. Rocks

PS3 – I wish I had one. [Get the pun?]

Wii – I wish I had one of these as well. [Okay, now I am being so unsubtle]