by oBelIX

Dont believe everything you hear on chat … here’s why

<me>: you there?
<raul>: bol
<me>: kuch nahin
<me>: was just testing new feature of yahoo
<raul>: wat… u were testing the buzz
<me>: no …
<me>: its an improved client
<me>: it ensures that communication happens in realtime
<me>: with encryption so that others cannot read this message
<raul>: okk..
<me>: do you have a pentium or an AMD?
<raul>: AMD
<me>: ahh …
<me>: even better … AMD to AMD features better encryption
<raul>: 3200+
<me>: similar processors you see
<raul>: the encryption is processor based ???? strange
<me>: it depends on the instruction set. AMD has SSE … and pentiums have their own thing (i forget what)
<raul>: okk..
<me>: chal thanks man …
<raul>: AFAIK the OS usually hides the details of the processor frm programs rite..
<me>: yeah, it does add a layer of abstraction but you can usually tailor your program for a processor
<me>: try this out … if you run mplayer it will say “compiled with runtime cpu detection”
<raul>: okk…
<me>: and it gets CPU flags with the special instructions that are supported by the processor
<raul>: ohh..
<raul>: sahi hai…
<me>: anyway yahoo is also doing a similar thing
<me>: cool naa …
<raul>: thts nice.. we cn finally expect messengers to crash less..
<me>: yeah …
<me>: chal thanks man
<raul>: netime.. bbye

PS – yeah … raul is the striker for real madrid ;p

PS1 – this actually happened – ask aziz

PS2 – try it out sometime, its kinda fun. i actually expected raul to figure it out when i said “communication happens in realtime”

PS3 – tipo responded to this with “_||_”

PS4 – i attempted this on “a guy with a palindromic name” who replied with only yeah and kewl.

PS5 – Srikanth Cherla could not be reached. Otherwise it would have been a lot of fun

PS6 – Kinda reminds me of the time when we were chatting with arun from shamanths account. That was hilarious.

PS7 – no one else on yahoo responding

PS8 – i am supposed to be doing gre right now 😦