For want of something to do …

by oBelIX

Employment and Joblessness go hand in hand. -Captain Obvious

The quality of BC is directly proportional to the number of people. -CeG <oBelIX>

I tried to come up with something profound

I tried to come up with something brilliant

I tried to come up with something extraordinary

All I got was this :((.

Rather short post this. Read Halleys post on joblessness. Realized that he is truly right. Now to avoid proverbial joblessness some of the rather more enterprising chaps have decided to pop over to home for unsuprisingly long stints. Owing to certain constraints I am not one of them.

Now, since these chaps are home, it tends to increase the amount of joblessness i.e. boredom in the rest of us. So, the couple of us that remain are eternally jobless.

Apocalypse went ahead and downloaded two games that seem decent. Still have to go through them properly.

Had a reunion-ish yesterday, Great fun.

Saw the prestige. Very good.

I want to play football.

The republic day evening function was awesome. gg cultural council or whoever did itl.

Picasa2 rocks.

I wonder why I am surprised at my utter lack of creativity …