Of Books and Movies

by oBelIX

Yossarian Lives. -Joseph Heller

Over the course of this short sojourn, I have read a few books and seen a couple of the rather crappy hindi movies.

Catch 22.
This is one of the best books ever written. It is insanely funny. It is witty and sarcastic. It is not the type of book that is hard to put down. Infact if you put it down you wont pick it up again. It is hard to read – and you have to read every single word to realize the genius, appreciate the beauty (etc). It is also the most random book I have read, it does not follow a strict timeline – its kind of like Memento (or the other film in which random stuff happens randomly). Leaving all that aside, it is still a brilliant read …

This is a very different book. It is composed of a series of emails within the employees of an advertising agency. It has tiny twists that are extremely well thought of. It also has some dilbert type situations. Overall its very funny – esp in the way it is presented.

Lord of the Rings
I finally read the whole of the lord of the rings. Though the movie is perhaps the best adaptation of the book that could have been made, the book is still a very good read. The parts they screwed up in the movie (Frodo’s journey :D) are the best parts to read in the book. Also, a lot of stuff happens which is just not in the movie (for lack of time). Anyway, after reading the book, you can only just appreciate the genius that is JRR Tolkein. Plus you see the movie in a whole different way.

Namaste London, Spiderman 3, <the one whose name is not worth remembering>
I saw three movies in the cinema. All in the name of going out with the family and all. All CRAP. Total waste of the admission fee.Β  In general the following applies – There is no story. The acting is shoddy. There are some parts of the movie(s) in which you will just put your head in your hands and ask “Why God? WHY?“.

The rest in another post – Till then – Ciao.